No $50,000 bonus nor 20% pay hike for Police


Members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) should not put too much hope into the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government’s election promise of a 20 per cent pay hike.

policeOn Monday, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan said the 2016 Budget does not cater for another $50,000 bonus nor the 20 per cent increase in salaries for the police.

Ramjattan, while responding to questions from his predecessor Clement Rohee of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), said a 20 per cent hike “has not been catered for.”

He added that, in relation to the $50,000 bonus which was paid to all public servants as well as the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force last year, he is not in a position at this time to say whether this will be paid, but based on all indications “it doesn’t appear so.”

Finance Minister Winston Jordan had said recently that government could not keep its election promise to pay the Guyana Police Force higher salaries because the coffers could not afford it.

He blamed the $12 billion which government had to divert to the bail-out of the Guyana Sugar Corporation when it assumed office, as well as the $3 billion which had to be paid to rice farmers after Venezuela did not pay for rice and paddy supplied, and also, the financing of a foreign policy campaign to counter Venezuela’s aggression over the Essequibo Region as responsible for not being able to pay the increase.

“It is not a campaign promise wasn’t kept! Yes, on the surface it wasn’t kept but it was not because of bad-mind or whatever sake we didn’t keep it. The fact is we just didn’t have the resources to do,” he said.

On the campaign trail leading up to the May 11, 2015 General and Regional Elections, the APNU/AFC coalition promised a 20 per cent increase in salaries to members of the security services, sugar workers and public servants.

Already in 2015, the Government did not pay the security forces the usual one-month tax-free salary in December, but instead opted to give them the $50,000 tax-free bonus which was given to public servants. (Guyana Times)




  1. The Prisoners food and uniform money have been approved. Why we making the Prisoners so happy to strike again upon their release ? Seem like our Police are not important after all. Something is definitely wrong. What really is going on at a time when crime is so high. Or Police work so hard they are deserving of every pay raise.

  2. This is actually funny….Police was promised salary increase instead they get KATAHAR…..Rice farmers were promised increase instead the get KATAHAR, Sugar workers were promises increase instead they get KATAHAR…and these crooks blame the PPP for running the treasure empty yet they are being paid so high comparing Granger makes close to Obama Salary, Harmon makes close to Hiliary Clinton Salary, Moses makes close to Joe Biden Salary…..So HELLO, why are the fooling the public and blaming the PPP….This is the exact tatics Burhnam used to become the world 4th richest blackman on the planet…..anyone smell Granger doing the same?

  3. A promise is comfort to a fool. Jagdeo warned them about APNU promises before election.They did not appreciate 5% increase from January and one month tax free salary in December.Instead, 5% increase from July and $50,000. tax free is better?
    It is dog and the bone.

  4. This HYPOCRITICAL opposition PPP does not have the authority to question this Coalition government about how much to pay anybody,after when in government,it unilaterally doled out only 6% every December,retroactive from January the said year to Public Servants.BAREFACED HYPOCRISY.

  5. I am not a part of any political party, so I stand very neutral. I having listened to some of the promises made by the now government I would think that the promises to the police service should be kept because a promise is a promise, so no matter what debt was incurred the promise should be kept. What happens if more ‘things/debt’ arise, would the people never get their raise in salary? I hope that this does not become the phenomena of ‘promise them, then leave them’ campaign trail gimmicks.


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