Le Repentir Cemetery filled to capacity…City’s Chief Engineer says urgent need for new burial site


Le Repentir Cemetery, the largest burial site in Guyana, is filled to capacity and the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is seeking to expand the area as there is no place left for the dead.

cemeteryDuring its statutory meeting at City Hall on Monday, M&CC Chief Engineer Colvern Venture explained that the cemetery was filled, which posed a quandary for burials to continue there. He stressed that there was an urgent need for allocation of a new burial site.

The current situation have forced persons to build tombs on top of existing graves to lay their loved ones to rest, or make alternative arrangements to have them buried at another burial site.

Venture explained that despite several meetings and recommendations regarding the current situation, the M&CC is still awaiting the green light from the Communities Ministry for expansion works to commence on the eastern side of Le Repentir to facilitate burials.

It was noted that a plot of vacant land situated on the lower East Coast was proposed for a new cemetery. To date, approval has not been granted to have that plot of land used for that purpose.
The Le Repentir Cemetery is the oldest burial site in the capital city.




  1. Whow. The Cemetry is Finally CLEANED
    But The Ppl that R Burried there should B paying Taxes and that money will go for maintance.


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