Region Ten logging Associations defend Bai Shan Lin Operations



logging[] – Several logging companies and loggers’ associations from Region Ten are speaking out against revelations in sections of the media as it relates to the exportation of logs and the claims of mismanagement of Guyana’s forest.

According to a media statement issued by the Kwakwani Natural Resources Organization (KNRO), “It is not up to one person or group to decide what is best for any community without allowing those who will be affected by it, to participate in the process. Communities and community organizations should be supported to set their own priorities, design their own approaches, create their own solutions, and be responsible for the outcomes”.

The Organization stated that their relationship with Bai Shan Lin “take the hassle out of the extracting, loading, trucking and looking for a market as they have all the necessary machinery needed to do logging”.

The Chinese company purchase mostly Wamara logs. Before Bai Shan Lin was established in Guyana, Wamara was considered lesser-known specie. “No one was buying Wamara. This is a widely available and accessible specie that was made popular by the Company,” said the KNRO.

The Organisation also pointed out “unless you’re doing logging for a living, you cannot truly grasp the value of the Chinese investment in daily life. Much needed capital from doing business with the Chinese remains in the community and is spread across several households”.

In 2013, KNRO sold 5445.41 cubic metres of Wamara to the Chinese Company. In 2014 as at July, 4197.47 cubic metres; bringing their total to 9642.98 cubic metres. That amount at US $60 per cubic metre (at the stump) would give a gross total of G $115,716,000, over an 18 month period.

To date KNRO has invested close to G $40m in targeted projects in Kwakwani.

Additional projects include, 7 clean-up campaigns, donating a Bus/Ambulance and medical supplies to Kwakwani hospital, sponsor a student to attend Guyana School of Agriculture, Primary health care for senior citizens, contribute to the rehabilitation of the UNAMCO road in collaboration with GFC and other stakeholders, construct interior access roads to two of our Concessions, install pipelines and build water troughs at the Primary school, wiring of the IT lab at the Secondary school, donate a refrigerator to Nursery school, etc.

Meanwhile, another forest operation, MAC Enterprise in a press statement noted the “misinformation on the forestry industry and foreign investors for one specie of wood is being reckless and is subsequently damaging to the Region 10 economy and the country at large”.

Further, MAC Enterprise pointed out that over the past 2-3 three years countless individuals and associations have benefitted from the high demand of Wamara.




  1. You Jon who ever you are, need to get your facts right. 80% of what this country saw in growth was under Hoyte and the blue print he had in place that the Now gov. followed. It was the work of the PPP to infuence the sugar industry since in the days of LFS Burmhan with strikes, sabotages and not expanding. For your information it was under hoyte we saw great movements in all sectors towards inprovement. So for you to be calling ones stupid I guess it explains just how double stupid you are.

  2. walter Rodney said,”these people have no shame!” who in Guyana would believe that any Guyanese would be willing to work for 500 dollars a day-less than the cost of two one litre soda?” what apnu-afc-kaieteur news have to do is to publish the names and photographs of these individuals and let nigel hughes take bai shan lin to court for paying below the national minimum wage. we now have to wonder who or which company will be the target/victim of this anti-development conspiracy.

  3. We all know that the opposition have their own agenda.
    Sugar was supposed to be dead by now. It was almost bankrupt during the Hoyte PNC Government and had they been in Government for a few more years, I have no doubt Sugar would have met its demise.
    The educated are the most devious and the most stupid. The architects of treachery are peddling lies on all media and wherever they can get their dirty hands on, posting lies, half lies and downright dishonesty. The poor hardworking mom and pops who toil day in and day out to rear children upon being fed with this crap just blow up with disgust as expected.
    How can we change this? We need to educate people and get to them first before these ungodly and gutter rats do.

  4. KN reporting that Guyanese working for $500.00 per day but no proof of this as yet.—maybe KN sitting on the facts to blow PPPC out the water…U have to wonder how KN and SN would feel knowing they are being used as conduits to peddle and promote PNC lies should PNC win the next general election….PNC can only garner a mere 37% of all votes cast so how would SN and KN really feel to be part of rigged election to install PNC back to power……if KN knew that Guyanese are toiling their guts out for 500 dollars per day it must slap the ruling government in its face with that proof and shame the ruling government….its like next to impossible to believe that in this giant company anyone could be working for 500 dollars per day…in my opinion anyone who work in Guyana at present for 500 per day must be terribly desperate…or KN trying to create something very sinister in their reporting…it is with hope that KN is not doing this to incite a few Guyanese to do destructive things…KN must show the proof of Guyanese working for this company for 500 per day…if not it means KN is up to sinister things..


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