Region 8 REO admits to shortage of teachers at school



Princeville Primary School in Region 8.

[] – Region 8 (Potaro-Siparuni) Regional Executive Officer Ronald Harsawack has admitted to shortage of teachers at the Princeville Primary School.

A report in local newspaper on Monday, February 09 said that a Teacher at the regional school was tasked with teaching 39 children from nursery to Grade Six while simultaneously attending the Cyril Potter College of Education and addressing the administrative work of the institution.

Harsawack , in a media release, said that the shortage of teachers is a general problem faced by the Ministry of Education.

“Three volunteers were present during the year 2014, they assisted with the lower classes, unfortunately this arrangement didn’t not follow through for 2015. The Department of Education was willing and remains willing to facilitate the appointment of the most suitable candidate for paid services. No names or interests were forthcoming,” he said.

He noted too that the School had its fair share of movement of teachers; a “SAM was appointed in September 2009 and was dismissed by the TSC in October 2010….Another teacher was sought after and recommended by the Department of Education, to be appointed. This teacher was appointed to the School from the Easter Term 2014, but did not take up the appointment for reasons unknown to the Department.”

He related that while other teachers had applied for posts at Princeville, the application was turned down given that their transferral would have inconvenienced other schools.

He said that at “Princeville Primary, while there is a shortage of teachers, continues to receive the full attention of the Department of Education, in regards to Supervision visits, provision of all necessary teaching and learning aids, juice and biscuit programme, free text and exercise books, free uniform among others. The physical infrastructure has been upgraded with millions spent to for a complete rehabilitation of the school building, construction of a fence, installation of a photovoltaic system for the provision of electricity etc.”

The REO said too that the failure of the Regional Education Committee to offer its assistance and support on these initiatives aided in making the process more arduous.  



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