Masked gunmen terrorize, rob Essequibo family


[] – Four armed masked bandits on Sunday night (February 08) terrorized and robbed a family of Zorg village on the Essequibo Coast, escaping with approximately $200,000 in cash, a quantity of jewellery, phone cards and groceries.

According to reports, the heavily armed bandits entered the home of businessman Asif Khan at around 20:00 hours and demanded money and jewellery.

iNews understands that the bandits, entered the house through an open door in the lower flat of the two story building and attacked the businessman’s wife first.

Two of them held her at gunpoint, demanding money, while the others attacked the businessman in the upper flat. Reports indicate that the couple was tied up while the bandits ransacked the house.

The businessman suffered a wound on his head. According to reports, police arrived at the scene some one hour after the robbery. Residents are calling for more police patrol in the area.



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