Region 2 official distances PPP from effigies of Granger and Nagamootoo


Effigy[] – A Region Two official of the PPP/C has distanced the Party from two effigies of APNU+AFC Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidate, David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo, which were found along the Essequibo Coast.  

“Our activists have no interest in such displays. We are more focused on getting our political work done. Just look at the largest crowd ever we had last evening at Anna Regina,” said Devanand Ramdatt who chaired the PPP/C rally.

He further noted, “Many were surprised to see those objects and I’m quite sure the Opposition knows something about where they came from, who put them up and for what reasons,” he added.

Ramdatt posited that the APNU+AFC is using this as an attempt to divert attention from the “Essequibo coast rejection of the coalition.”

A press statement from the Opposition coalition had described the act by supporters of the ruling PPP as “abominable, distasteful and a frightening insight into the mindset of the desperate PPP/C.”



  1. look nuh naat…me ent even start school much less finish om..ah hope this put your mind to rest..well when u talk bottom house i know you are not using your pnc andrew name to attack..but thats ok…only racist talk in are well trained to be a racist but not smart enough going about it..i am happy to be bottom house trained rather than to be big tent trained..u will forever be under the big tent..see look naat…if u hooked up with ppp u too can get a bottom house and get racism out your system and get out from under your big tent..hey look naat..u can use cow down to do lots of things…even daab your nasty big tend mud floor…use as manure for planting..but u see look naat…u can do that since de big tent is not yours while de bottom house is mine ..

  2. Green something is wrong with you I think you need a checkup from your neck sounds like an uneducated human who lacks the ability to reason objectively.think before talking you probably getting little crumbs from the government that is why you talk so much garbage

  3. i sometimes wonder about your education level and i have been wanting to ask for the longest while if you did finish high school because, you write and think like someone trained under a bottom-house and so much about you tell of someone who was overly exposed to cow down slurry used to daub bottom house.

  4. the ppp / government is bankrupt without a record to run on so they are waging a campaign of fear to dupe the gullible and naive guyanese to vote for them. this is disgraceful and as a guyanese i am getting real fed-up with what is called politics in guyana. the ppp has no shame and despite all the observers arriving in the country to make sure the election is ran properly, increasingly the ppp is preaching hate all over the country.

  5. pnc up to their dutty necks with their dont mind sacrificing some of their own to create a race war in knows the treasury has money and they think it all belonged to pnc only..they want it..


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