Simona Broomes debuts on APNU+AFC platform; promises tough action against TIP, rape


By Jomo Paul

A section of the crowd at the women's rally.
A section of the crowd at the women’s rally.

[] ­– President of the Guyana Women Miners Association (GWMO), Simona Broomes made her debut on the political scene on Saturday, April 18 as the APNU+AFC held its first women’s rally at Merriman’s mall Bourda, Georgetown.

Broomes, who has been hailed as a Trafficking in Persons (TIP) heroine, focused her presentation primarily on the ills of TIP promising that an APNU+AFC government will put the necessary steps in place to ensure that more is done against the scourge that not only affects Guyana but the world over.

The GWMO President, who was a surprise candidate on the Opposition Coalition’s List of Candidates, was rather forthcoming stating that she was putting Guyana’s men folk on notice that the issue of rape will be approached with zero tolerance from an APNU+AFC administration.

“We will not allow the men folk to rape, to take advantage of our daughters…so I am going to put the men on notice,” said Broomes.Broomes

She said that “rape is rape” regardless of the age of the victim and when it comes down to it, the women folk need to be protected.

Broome’s, who has also been a miner for a number of years, said that for too long the people of Guyana have been silent on the issues that are affecting the country’s women and youth noting that it is now time for the voices of the affected to be heard.

She promised too that come May 12, the Guyanese will take back the country and govern in a way that is beneficial to all.

“All ah we is candidates. This is our country and we will take it back” she said to a loud eruption of applause from the crowd of women at the rally.

Vanessa Kissoon
Vanessa Kissoon

Meanwhile, APNU’s Vanessa Kissoon was equally energetic in her statement at the rally as she challenged the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, Elisabeth Harper to make known her position on the alleged abuse of Former First Lady Varshnie Jagdeo at the hands of Former President Bharrat Jagdeo.

“Join our hands in solidarity in condemning this high tech abuse,” said Kissoon as she uttered words of assurance that should Harper be ostracized for her criticisms, the women of Guyana has “got your back.”

Kissoon, a former Member of Parliament, wasted no time in criticizing Dr Jagdeo contending that he should offer a public apology to the former First Lady.

She also called out Mr Jagdeo, challenging him to a debate on the issues that are affecting Linden and what the PPP/C has done to abate the economic woes of the mining community.

“Both him and I are private citizens, so I, Vanessa Kissoon is challenging Mr Jagdeo to a debate,” she said.

She also pointed out that that Region has had to fight for every economic gain that it has accomplished over the years.

“PPP gave nothing to Region 10 without a fight. You name it; we fought for it, nothing was given to us,” said Kissoon.



  1. and cheddi jmbie..would u allow your wife to bring in her own boys to protect you at an event ?? ome come anser lol

  2. ….and the PPP/Criminals protects women rights. lol. Then why no one from the PPP helped Varshnie from the torture and torment that “wind seed” Jagdeo put her through.
    Jagdeo and Varshnie were married by a Pandit. He then prevented the marriage from ever being registered so that he can carry out his sadistic treatment of her without and legal repercussions.

  3. Why people can’t stop talking about Bamsy? Vanessa, made a mistake but she is not the only one. After the election she will be Minister of Youth and culture. You people should talk about Welshman and Trotman.

  4. If (after May 11, 2015) Simona Broomes take tough action against TIP, rape, a lot of PPP/Crooks will be going to jail.

  5. Dear Admin, what type of moderation you are doing when you allow statements like the one above to be disrespectful to Vanessa Kissoon and the First Lady of the USA. The IP adddress of this poster should be banned.

    Why would the PPP be commenting on the looks of people when they got people line Rima in their ranks?

  6. Vanessa Kisson look like a man to me. Only a man challenge a man. Is she related to Michel Obama or what? Vanessa and this broom really letting us down, they are not talking about any plans or issue or our future, just past, past, and pastand so on.

  7. I say let’s have a debate with Africo Selman against Amna Ally and Vanessa Kissoon, along with those other PNC Criminals that was charge criminally namely, Marcelle Williams, Leonie Alexander, Alieshaw Barker, and Juliet Atwell.
    With only one rule and that is no “Skinning up of PNC Bamsy”.

  8. Broomes is a hippocrate.
    Hello Broomes did you not have any support for the young Mr Weshman?
    He complained but you were listening with your ‘deaf’ ear.
    Is it because he is complaining against Mr Raphael Trotman.
    You PNC people knows when to make noise and very covenient when to shut up.
    I hope all the money you received is not going to APNU campaign.

  9. Vanessa Kissoon should be the last hooligan to attempt to lecture anyone given the fact that only recently the police had enough evidence to charge her criminally.
    Vanessa Kissoon is Morally Bankrupt! This brawling woman is a disgrace to women! No Bamsy women must be trusted! Shame on you PNC HOOLIGANS! I don’t see anyone trying to break up your PNC meetings.


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