APNU+AFC condemns lynching effigies of Granger and Nagamootoo


Effigy[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC has condemned the lynching effigies, which have been erected on the Essequibo Coast depicting APNU+AFC Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo.

A statement from the Opposition coalition described the act by supporters of the ruling PPP as “abominable, distasteful and a frightening insight into the mindset of the desperate PPP/C.”

The coalition also pointed out that these effigies have been erected on the day when the PPP/C is hosted a rally on the Essequibo Coast, and just after former President Bharrat Jagdeo has spent several days in the region.

“This hideous act is clearly aimed at inciting APNU+AFC supporters and also follows the verbal assault and intimidation of APNU+AFC members in Region 2.”

According to the coalition, the act is another in the long line of threats, intimidation and aggression by the PPP/C towards the Coalition’s Leaders, officials, activists and supporters.

“It should be recalled that at about 11:15pm on April 16, Hardat Narine, also called Sham, APNU+AFC Region 2 candidate was placing APNU+AFC posters at Damon Square when PPP/C supporters confronted him and others and shouted racist remarks at them. Shortly thereafter PPP/C senior Region 2 official and Regional Chairman Parmanand Persaud joined the scene and summoned police and demanded that the police arrest Mr. Narine. The police did not comply. Persaud then proceeded to threaten Mr. Narine, saying that he (Mr. Narine) was “hampering the PPP” and he (Mr. Persaud) will “kill” Sham.”

It was noted that Mr. Narine made a report to the Anna Regina Police Station of the incident on April 17.

The APNU+AFC Coalition is calling on the PPP/C to caution and control their officials and desist from threatening, intimidating, harassing and acting in an abusive manner towards APNU+AFC Coalition supporters and officials.



  1. look nuh naat…i post above you and u ent take me up about me education level..
    u feeling guilty that u can respond or attack??? maybe u were part of that atrocity…

  2. I wonder if you read the article on the PPP supporters being attacked after coming from the Berbice rally. i guess you will consider that as being acceptable or the blatant distruction of the ppp flags and posters etc.

  3. guyanese who were not hurt..guyanese who were hurt badly at agricola awaiting afc condemnation on what a member of afc created and caused at agricola public road.afcpnc thugs were ordered to lock down agricola public road militray style at a certain hour of the day,,these pncafc thugs were ordered to beat ordered to rob ordered to sexually molest east indians..where is afcpnc condemnation…now their pncafc hearts bleeding for effigies??? afcpnc top brass are very sick bastards.

  4. all the more reason to vote the ppp out of office come this election day. it is only the wutliss guyanese who still see it fit to vote for the bankrupt ppp / government. until such time when the opposition is capable of forming real messages based on issues and take them to the people, ignorance will rule the day.


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