Region 2 celebrates Mashramani carnival-style

Beauty and Beyond Mash team

By Indrawattie Natram

A colourful, exciting and unified atmosphere prevailed in the township of Anna Regina, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) yesterday (Mash Day) as thousands of persons lined the roadway and joined the road parade participating in the annual celebration. The spirit of Mashramani was embodied as the jubilant revellers made their way from Coffee Grove to the Anna Regina Car Park. They were colourfully clad in creative designer costumes which caught the eyes of many spectators.

Beauty and Beyond Mash team

The feeling of unity was infectious and the joy was evident on the faces of the spectators viewing the floats; persons could be seen from afar with Guyana Flags waving and gyrating to sweet Soca music blaring from music boxes mounted on vehicles.

Revellers were also attired in brightly-coloured, dazzling costumes which created a perfect carnival-style celebration on the Essequibo Coast. It was indeed a very enthusiastic and energetic day and despite the rain many persons turned out. The costumes displayed this year’s theme “Celebrate with Dignity, Liberty and Greater Unity”.

The large contingent of revellers eagerly competed with each other to showcase Guyana’s rich cultural diversity, as they made their way to the commercial centre of Anna Regina.

Hundreds of participants flocked the float parade, which proceeded slowly along the public road drawing excited well-wishers out of their homes. Persons converged at various points, shops, under trees, as well as on go-carts, to witness the beautiful and colourful floats passing by.

Leading the large category was the Regional Democratic Council, followed by Essequibo Technical Institute then Caricom Rice Mills, Ramlakhan Rice Mills, and Fashion and Beyond. Entering in the small category were A and L Boutique and Beauty Parlour, and VISG and Lord’s Hotel.

It was a scene to behold and the atmosphere was charged as floats entered the Anna Regina Car Park area. By then, many persons had gathered at the High Bridge seeking an advantageous view of the floats. Some of them were even their own judges guessing in their mind who will be the “Champion of the road”. Fashion and Beyond‘s floats were quiet impressive, which caught the attention of many. At the Anna Regina Car Park, all the floats came together and competed for top prizes as they performed their final dance-off. They were giving the opportunity to dance, jump and showcase their float once more to the judges.

It was indeed carnival atmosphere in the county of Essequibo as Guyanese from all ethnicities joined in celebrating Guyana’s 47th Republican Anniversary. (Guyana Times)



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