Region 10 Chairman uses rental car for $200,000 per month; says Gov’t refuses to give him new vehicle



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.
Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.

[] – Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon says he has been forced to rent a vehicle for the past eight months, after the vehicle assigned to him is down due to mechanical failure.

During an interview with iNews, Solomon related that his request for a new vehicle was submitted in the region’s 2014 budget proposal, however, it was deliberately left out by Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker and this has forced him to continue his use of a rental car that costs over $200,000 per month.

The chairman further explained that using a rental car is greatly hampering his effectiveness and believes this is a deliberate attempt to limit his mobility as chairman of the region.

He explained that the cost to repair the car that is over $800,000, which is why a proposal was made for a new vehicle in the 2014 budget.

Solomon also said that the Local Government Minister is fully aware of the situation; however, he intends to bring it to his attention once more in an effort to deal with the problem once and for all.

Solomon said during the recent independence celebrations he was again required to rent a heavy duty vehicle at a cost of $50,000 per day which was over a two day period to reach certain areas of the region.




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