Real estate agent remanded on fraud charges

Accused: Miguel Dino
Accused: Miguel Dino

A 24-year-old real estate agent was on Monday brought before the court of law after he was slapped with 3 counts of fraud.

The accused, Miguel Dino of Thomas Street, Kitty denied the charges when they were read to him by Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs.

The first charge stated that on January 3, 2019, while he was in the vicinity of Georgetown with intent to defraud he forged a Citizen’s bank cheque purporting to show it was genuinely issued by John Snow Inc. Research and training Institution USAID.

Another charge stated that on the same day and location with intent to defraud he also obtained the sum of $1.2 million from the bank under a forged instrument purporting to show it was signed by the Secretary Tonia Newton of John Snow Inc.

Further, the real estate agent was also charged for forging a second cheque in favour of himself.

Defence attorney Tiffany Jeffery in a submission for bail stated that her client was not at flight risk and should be granted bail.

However, police prosecutor Adduni Inniss objected to bail on the grounds that the defendant may not return to court since he issued the police with 15 different addresses.

However, his attorney argued that he only had 4 addresses which were given to the Court since he is a real estate owner.

Bail was refused by the Magistrate and Dino was remanded to prison until February 4.


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