Rape, robberies up by 7 and 8% respectively- Top Cop


…promises as better response time

Commissioner of Police, Leslie James

The Guyana Police Force (GFP) has seen a marginal increase in the number of robberies recorded thus far in 2018 when compared to the corresponding period last year.

This is according to Police Commissioner, Leslie James during a press conference on Thursday morning where he give an update on statistics as of October 22 this year, in comparison to the same period in 2017.

The Top Cop noted that while the Force recorded a declining trend in most categories of serious crimes during this time, there were a few which increased.  

“For robbery in 2017 we had 37 for 2018 to date we have had 40 and that is an increase by eight percent…robbery with violence in 2017 we had 120 such reports and to date we have had 122, that is a plus 2 percent” James disclosed.

Additionally, the number of rape cases also increased by 7 per cent with 202 cases reported this year compared to 189 last year.

Meanwhile, the other categories of serious crime that reduced were: murder, which went down by 17 per cent with 80 cases this year compared to 96 last year; gun robberies by 7 per cent with 486 cases against 525; other armed robberies by 24 per cent by 185 cases against 243; robbery with aggravation by 36 per cent with 42 cases against 66; Larceny from the person by 12 per cent with 97 cases against 110; Burglary by 9 per cent with 156 cases against 172, and B&E&L by 12% with 756 cases last year against 859 reported last year.

Commissioner James emphasized that the statistics are reflective of only cases that were reported to the Police, as he noted that efforts are on the way to enhance the Force’s crime fighting tactics.

“The ability to patrol our divisions and our response time in a general way, that is what I have found that we need to address, It is currently being addressed. As I said part of reform will sufficiently address that, you will see a better response time and of course our divisions will be better patrolled that is mobile patrol, foot patrol in terms of two and for wheels type of vehicles” the Top Cop assured.


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