Ramsaran’s verbal attack is “disturbing” – Canadian High Commission


Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran and Sherlina Nageer during the exchange in front the Whim's Magistrate's Court. [Mark Jacobs' Photo]
Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran and Sherlina Nageer during the exchange in front the Whim’s Magistrate’s Court. [Mark Jacobs’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Canadian High Commission has joined the list of  organisations in condemning the verbal assault against women’s rights activist, Sherlina Nageer by Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran.

A press statement from the High Commission said it “noted with great disappointment the comments made” by Dr Ramsaran.

“The remarks uttered are disturbing and the High Commission of Canada condemns any form of abuse, including verbal and threatened, towards women. Threats of violence against women are never acceptable,” the statement noted.  

According to the statement, the struggle to fully attain women’s rights, in Guyana and around the world, is an ongoing battle that must be won.

“Such incidents weaken the progress that has been made.” According to the High Commission, all partners should be unwaveringly committed to advancing the rights of women.

“Political leaders have a special responsibility because they have the largest platforms, influence and decision-making ability. The High Commission of Canada hopes that leaders recognise the critical role they play in governance, including providing leadership and empowering the citizens of Guyana, including women.”

The Health Minister launched a scathing verbal onslaught on Nageer on Monday, April 20 outside the Whim Magistrate’s Court where he called the woman “a little piece of sh@t” and also told her that he would slap her “just for fun.”

After Ramsaran would have been widely condemned for his reproachable statements, he issued an apology, but mere hours after was back at it again, this time labelling Nageer as a “miscreant” and someone who is in need of “psychiatric” help.

Both the US and British Envoys have condemned the Minister’s utterances saying that had that happened in either of their government, the person would have been expected to tender his/her resignation.




  1. Mother Sally, How dare you referred to God’s creation as “pigs” can I ask you mother a question? Are you a SOW? Meaning a mama pig? I personally think you’re a PNC BAMSY woman. You need to apologize!

  2. he respective envoys of the US, Canada and Great Britain must be soundly applauded for taking a principled stand against the the threat of violence and gross disrespect shown by the demented, so called Minister of Health – one Dr. Bheri Ramsaran towards the innocent and peaceful human rights activist – Sherlina Nageer.

    The mere fact that Bheri-Bheri Ramsaran continues to occupy his ministerial post and is a candidate for the despotic PPP in next month’s general elections despite his recent disgusting conduct – further illustrates the banality and out of touch mindset of not only the buffoon of a president – Donald Ramotar but also the wider PPP leadership.

    There are now growing calls for the immediate sacking or removal of Bheri-Bheri Ramsaran from any official positions he continues to occupy. However, neither Ramotar or his boss Bharat Jagdeo are courageous or decent enough to recognise wrongdoings or injustices so this latest brazen act of indecency will more than likely go unpunished because this is what has been the order of the day since 1992 when the Stalinist pigs at ‘Freedom House’ came to power.

    If Ramotar really wants to improve his putrid image then he must do the right thing in letting Bheri-Bheri go because anything less will be totally unacceptable to the long suffering and disenfranchised electorate at large.

  3. I am sure that the President will deal with the matter accordingly. At the same time I think people should be charged for the way they speak to and about the President and any other members of the Government. She should be made an example. So if it comes to court then both of them should be charged.

  4. Can’t this matter be taken to court because it’s a threat I believe he should be charge or something especially because he’s a leader he should know better


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