New batch of nurses inducted


he new batch of nurses inducted for training at the Kingston Nursing School Annex. [GINA Photo]
he new batch of nurses inducted for training at the Kingston Nursing School Annex. [GINA Photo]
[] – A new batch of nurses, numbering 51, 21 Nursing Assistants and 30 Professional Nurses has been inducted for training at the Kingston Nursing School Annex. They are currently undergoing orientation and are set to begin training early next month.

This is the 126th batch of Professional Nurses and the 69th batch of Nursing Assistants to have been enlisted for training.

Speaking to the Government Information Agency, Tiffany Scott one in the batch of Professional Nurses, stated that it was a great opportunity for her. She noted that whilst she is getting the opportunity to learn, she said, “I am very young, and I think I should learn more instead of just staying home and doing nothing. I plan to get a degree in nursing may be at the University of Guyana.”

Adrian Kemo Canjis noted that the environment, that is the teachers and classmates are all friendly, “I am not planning to stick at just a professional nurse; I plan to go on, the sister advised me, midwifery, then maybe a diploma and then a degree.”

Dionne Pompei noted that while it was a lovely experience for her, meeting other persons and nursing in general, “it’s a lovely profession for anyone to pick up and afterward I hopefully will have to serve back my country.” She added that she will also further her education, perhaps get a diploma then continue to climb higher.

Jermaine Levi who was chosen to study Professional Nursing felt honoured. “It’s an honour to be selected by the government and my country to do something so important and I think my fellow batch mates would agree. After training I would like to upgrade and study medicine.”

Latisha Bailey is yet another student who felt happy for the opportunity to become a nurse and would continue in the midwifery programme and then go on to the University of Guyana to obtain a degree in nursing.

Naomi Singh was happy and thanked the Ministry of Health and the government for allowing her the opportunity at the Nursing School. She plans to pursue studies for a PHD.


  1. Congratulations youth! You are the lovers of Guyana who wants to serve, build, and develop Guyana. God bless all you youths! Expect to be approached with Scholarship, sponsorship and financial help. Remember the sky is the limit. Go for it.


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