Ramotar will have to “address” Gary Best endorsement of coalition – Luncheon

Commander- in- Chief of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar, and Secretary of the Defence Board Dr. Roger Luncheon pinning the insignia of the rank of Rear Admiral on former Chief- of- Staff Gary Best.
Commander- in- Chief of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar, and Secretary of the Defence Board Dr. Roger Luncheon pinning the insignia of the rank of Rear Admiral on former Chief- of- Staff Gary Best.
Commander- in- Chief of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar, and Secretary of the Defence Board Dr. Roger Luncheon pinning the insignia of the rank of Rear Admiral on former Chief- of- Staff Gary Best.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Secretary to the Defence Board, Dr Roger Luncheon today suggested that former Army Chief, Gary Best could leak sensitive information to the APNU+AFC coalition, which he has since endorsed.

Luncheon, at his post cabinet media briefing on Friday, April 24 further suggested that Commander in Chief, President Ramotar, would be looking to deal with the matter.

“The situation of a departing Chief of Staff, happily ensconced within the ranks of the Opposition is a reality the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces would have to address,” Luncheon told reporters at the Presidential Secretariat.

The incumbent PPP has been jittery about former Army officers joining the Opposition coalition and are especially skeptical of Gary Best, the very immediate past Chief of Staff, endorsing the coalition.

“I am totally, really, I am totally incapable of understanding how a current Commander in Chief, in the face of the reality that evolves today, with a most recent departed Chief of Staff consorting with the Opposition. What this portends for the future; Indeed, I can’t imagine it being of no impact,” Dr Luncheon stated.

He also suggested that that position of trust between the Chief of Staff of the Army could lead to Best comprising sensitive information.

“The engagement of trust between a Commander in Chief and the Chief of Staff of the military is based on trust; trust in the exact and current relationship, as well, as in its historical antecedence,” he said.

Recenty, current Army Chief Brigadier Mark Phillips said that former military officers “have the right to participate in the political activities of Guyana.”

He added that Guyana is still being governed by President Ramotar and is still the Commander in Chief of the military, “and in that regard, still has the right to give instructions to the military.”

Brigadier Phillips assured that the Army is a professional entity and its current operational decision-making is not influenced by ex-military officers.



  1. You should all stop the immature bickering and learn to live with another. What good will come out of this carrying on. Let’s go forward and not backward.

  2. what luncheon shouid be focusing on is making his calling and election sure with Almighty God rather than behaving like a mad dog because of Best’s disclosure. They didn’t see this one coming!

  3. Get a life people. Boy oh Boy!!! With this garbage been thrown around,no wonder Guyanese could never be one people. Is the PNC still running for office? That’s news to me. I am now living in the USA and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I have always wanted to go back to Guyana after i retired, but because of the total break down of moral fabric there,I have made the decision to stay where I am.

  4. Dr Luncheon did more for Guyana than the ole bunch yall stupity PNc blaggas.
    He was the guy who brought yall high and mighty down to your knees.
    He will be there to watch ova yall morons.

  5. I am wandering what the fuss about. Mr. Bess is not obligated to anyone. He has one vote like me and you. He can give it to who the hell he like. He was the Chief of Staff. That is a discipline organization, as such he had to keep his political persuasions to himself. Now he is on CV street, He his free to make his views known. What Mr. Luncheon need to understand, Service men are a different group of people. They form a common bond from day one of enlistment. They live together. They work together. They Play together. At the end of the day, they always look out for one another. They share a common bond. Like it or not. If one of their colleague is seeking high political office. Where do you think his first line of support will come from? If Luncheon was in the race, I am sure a number of his doctor friends would have been behind him.

  6. APNU/AFC,you seem to have traitors in your midst.I believe you took too long to have your manifesto publicized.IT IS TIME TO DO SO.Yours is more progressive and impressive than the others and will catch the eye and mind.LET`S HAVE IT NOW.KUDOS TO YOU GALFROMNA,A GREAT JOB DONE.

  7. BUXTON, the Kabaka is not in/or under the earth. They made a wax to look like him because his body spoilt
    Indeed they gave him two state funerals. It is safe to say that Earth refused him.

  8. Ramotar has no authority whatsoever, to query Gary Best`s democratic right.Luncheon seems to be going senile,or is drunk with fear,that he has lost his balance,if he ever had any.Ramotar must be mindful about the decisions he makes,he seems to have lost his way.WE NEED AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE AFFAIRS OF THE NATIONAL INSURANCE SCHEME,IT IS TIME.

  9. gdhoyte
    teach me..from day one..was the gdf formed to fight an invading army?
    did gdf fetched ballot boxes and in the process killed two guyanese..were they following the laws then? was their loyalties to the laws when they did that? im being silly to respond to you..i should now because u r down right stupid..u r pnc so its expected of you to be..

  10. This guy need to stop filling his kind with CRAP, all you ate trying to do is GO BACK, Guyana will go in some direction for the next five years,even if it is with the same bull shit ticks that sucking the country dry. Its time to go on and the ppl will get what they chose,

  11. So it is troubling retired army Chief of Staff, Commodore Gary Best might divulge confidential information to the Opposition, but not troubling that former and current Commanders in Chief Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar might divulge confidential information to their henchmen?

    Didn’t former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell, endorse Barack Obama in 2012? I guess Guyana is unique!

    The PPP is now a full blown paranoid party, thanks to a deeply worried Jagdeo over what will happen to him after May 11.

    There is absolutely nothing Ramotar, Jagdeo or Luncheon can do to Best at his point. Unless they are all fatalists!

  12. Have you ever served in the military services? If so you will know that you are loyal to the laws of the land but that does not stop you from having your own political choice.

  13. These are the PNC diehards.
    They sit in high places just warming their seats while the country are made ungovernable by design during their watch.
    These are the very people who Moses and his followers should be scared of.
    They only have one leader and the Kabaka is six feet under.

  14. this is why when ppp won the 92 election they had every chance to get rid of this albatross thats wrapped around the necks of guyanese silent majority..but what ppp did in thinking it could turn this monster around actually fed and fed and grew it to the major monster it is today::this is wny most guyanese are crying out loud that they are more afraid of guyana security forces than that of bandits..ppp should have take the hint that this monster that is called gdf was with the jail break and the buxton base criminal gang and their connection to pnc..the gdf big man david clark the drug pusher was sent into buxton to help the police root out criminals..but was in bed with the criminals..now there is danger granger former gdf saying to guyanese..when we win we will use the gdf to accompany police to tackle crimes…if people are not afraid as yet then its coming…guyana will go back to the days on burnham – hoyte misrule..my advise to the silent majority is to get out of guyana any which way u know how..u r seeing guyana belongs to one set of people and they will not stop until their goal if achieved..

  15. At the end of the Day he is not a military man any more and like the Admiral said he is free to endorse any political party he chooses. With respect to sensitive secrets. Ramator will be a private citizen soon, he also will walk away with sensitive information as well as the attorney General and all the likes. What should the opposition do then? Pleaseee? Mr. Luncheon get a life with that argument.


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