Ramotar questions integrity of Int’l Observers; wants recount of 22 ballot boxes

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar; Prime Ministerial Candidate, Elisabeth Harper and candidates, Anil Nandlall, Robeson Benn, Pauline Sukhai and Dr. Leslie Ramsammy. [iNews' Photo]
Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar; Prime Ministerial Candidate, Elisabeth Harper and candidates, Anil Nandlall, Robeson Benn, Pauline Sukhai and Dr. Leslie Ramsammy. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The integrity of the international observers present during Guyana’s general and regional elections is being questioned by Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Donald Ramotar, who has refused to concede defeat to the united Opposition, citing a flawed elections process.

Despite several claims by the PPP/C of irregularities during the May 11 elections, international observers, inclusive of the Carter Centre, Organisation of American States (OAS), Commonwealth Observers, Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), American, British and Canadian envoys, have all claimed that the elections were free, fair and credible and even commended the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for the work done.

But Ramotar maintains that the elections were rigged by the APNU+AFC coalition, showing what he deemed as evidence of fake Statements of Poll (SOPs) and incorrect data by GECOM.

“This elections here now, also goes to the integrity of the observers that are involved. If they gave a clear bill of health to an election that is clearly rigged, I don’t know if anybody would want them in their country to observe any elections…this is in their interest too, for their integrity so hope that we get a recount of the ballots,” Ramotar told a news conference at Freedom House on Friday, May 15.

The ABC countries have already dismissed the PPP’s claims of fake SOPs, with the British High Commissioner to Guyana, James Gregory Quinn stating that he supports GECOM’s position that while the fake SOPs were discovered, it was not tabulated as part of the preliminary results released on Thursday, May 14.

In response, Ramotar said that Quinn is “dead wrong” about such. The Presidential Candidate could not say where the fake SOPs originated from.

Meanwhile, Ramotar met on Friday morning with Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally, Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield and five of the six GECOM commissioners, where he identified what he says are “serious difference” of numbers between SOPs and data by GECOM in tabulating results.

“These differences disclose a consistent pattern of a subtraction of votes from PPP/C and additions of that very number to the APNU+AFC. This information was corroborated by a verification exercise conducted by the Returning Officer of Region 4,” Ramotar said.

He further noted that he submitted a document which details an examination of only 22 of SOPs, which were randomly selected from Region 4 and which show that a substantial difference between the PPP’s SOPs and the information in the possession of GECOM in relation to the said ballot boxes.

As such, the PPP has since requested that GECOM recount the 22 boxes in the presence of political parties and observer teams; that the process of tabulation and the disclosure of the Chief Elections Officer on election results be put on hold until a recount is completed.

According to Ramotar, GECOM has since “undertook” to grant the request. He believes that if a recount is not done in the entire region, then it should at least be done in Region 4.

Ramotar maintains that the elections were fraudulent enough to change the outcome of the results, which indicates the APNU+AFC as the winner. He further noted that if the PPP’s requests are not met and GECOM goes ahead and declares the APNU+AFC as winners, then the coalition will be forming a government that would be undemocratic.




  1. Cup or Key – at the end of the day I am Guyanese. I love celebrations as much as the next person: well warranted ones. If you are content with big institutions (versus the so-called democratic country we call Guyana) running the show, then I suppose they got you right where they want you to be. Celebrate all you wish – who doesn’t like free drinks and free food? Tomorrow is another day though.

  2. don’t be gullible u have spoken like a graduated idiot and GT people know wha going on that’s y we celebrating and u looking for reason. u keep it in ur cup we gon pick it up with our palms and throw it away

  3. the only thing to hide is your opinion dunce. u need a recount count whole year 1+1 will always be 2. try maths and stop ur pursue in politics

  4. “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” Martin Luther King Jr.
    We’ve been free for a while now – not as of May 11th.

  5. Yall scared to have the boxes recounted!! If yall got nothing to hide then check the votes again then u will see the true winner…yall tek win we coming back stronger next round

  6. I think he is standing up for the other half of the country which voted for him – and for Guyanese who don’t want to be played for fools. Even any logically thinking person would realise that the Observers who are supposed to put a mark worthy of credibility have put their foot in their mouth – both the USA and UK issued statements dismissing the PPP’s claims, insisting that there were NO fake SOPs. Hours after at a press conference the same day, there was GECOM admitting to a folder full of SOPs!!! Come on GT people, don’t be so gullible!!!

  7. The only observers speaking out “strongly” appear to be the ABC countries. Where are the others? Commonwealth and CARICOM…etc? Please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Whichever party wins – I am okay with : just make it free and fair like they claim it is. Ahylia, you hit the nail on the head.

  9. I wonder how so many Guyanese are okay with just accepting mediocrity. The fact of the matter is – there WAS/IS a screw up. GECOM never stood by their word from day 1 whereby elections results were supposed to be announced at 2 hour intervals. In retrospect we can now see why – fake SOP’s or let’s just summarize and say questionable documents were within their possession. So whilst they were tasked with dealing with all of that – we as a nation had to basically wait.
    Anyone can rejoice about passing an exam for instance. At the end of the day, whether you passed with/without intervention, help, cheating, etc is known to only you and the Almighty. In Guyana we are accustomed with pushing past others, ignoring rules and regulations, processes, etc – just as long as we can get to where we want to be. It happens everyday – on the roads, on the queue to pay our bills, at Customs to get our barrel , if we can “pass a dollar” or “bore our way through” then so be it – and the rest is history. It’s our mentality. We have no respect for orderliness or procedure, – perhaps our new administration can groom our people in the opposite direction.

  10. The ABC observers see the PPP/C as too left wing and would not entertain a recount of the ballot boxes fearing the results may go in a different way. One down another on the way out and is in serious trouble- Maduro of Venezuela- that country has all the hallmarks of American destabilisation patterns. Thereafter, next in line would be Morales of Bolivia

  11. If you say that you win. Why? Are you upset about a recount. It is our duty to check and make sure that it is free and fair.

  12. Screw the observers. They interested in other things that will be brought to light later. Let everyone know is a total recount or another election. We want to know where our votes gone.

  13. my feeling for donald ramotar was one of sorrow and trying to relate with his feeling of having his term cut short but then the more i hear from him and see what a stubborn old fool he is i start to think he is absolutely pathetic and somebody should hold his hands and walk him slowly behind the curtains. what an embarrassment!

  14. you are pathetic just like the rest of the junta and a good thing for all of you is to stop opening your mouths because all of you look stupid alike! i leave you with this mister buxton: cummingsburg accord.

  15. I think Ramotar is on to something here folks. One can only be emphatic about something when they have first hand knowledge of it. If Ramotar is stating that the election was flawed, obviously he (and his cronies) know what the flaw is and are the perpetrator of the flaw. He is calling out the international observers because the flaw backfired and did not work in his favour.

  16. If there is nothing to hide why not count the 22 ballot boxes??? If its free and fair the APNU and AFC should have no issues about the recount. Unless there is something to hide!!!!’

  17. The PPP is fighting a loosing Battle. They know that they have lost the Gravy Train but too bad life has to go on you Losers.

  18. Have any body wonder why the ppp saying there are fake sop ? They are the one know about sop because they did it their self thinking that will help then win but they did not know it will be rejetted

  19. These people know how much votes de buy and from where and the nos. ain’t adding up LOL. De know where the plant fake papers too…..fakery ain’t paying

  20. This man may need some psychological counseling. He is now questioning the integrity of everyone. He asked for a team of international observers to come and monitor the election, they came, did their jobs, and now he is questioning them. too. Everyone was out to get him. He is seeing boogie men all around him now

    He is still in the first stage of the 5 stages of grief – 1.denial.
    He still has to get through, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. It is still a long road ahead for him.

  21. I wonder how Alexi, fearing now . I wonder how the fiber optic project will end up. Ramotar realize that them jails weren’t built for animals.

  22. We the people of Guyana, both local and international hereby declare that we do not and will not accept these results. The international observers are already discredited as far as we can see. GECOM believes that we are all ignorant and cant tell top from bottom. well, unfortunately for you, we are not. In no country in the world where democracy is held high and protected by the constitution can this ever happen. We maintain that the simple evidence that fake SOPs entered the system, proves that the it has been compromised. If fake SOPs are being discovered, the nation will logically ask, so how many are there, what change has it made to the count?, what other documents(ballots) or figures have been tampered with? and why is it all in favour of the opposition? The evidence is irrefutable and must be analysed. All we can see here, is the fact that both the system and the staff has been compromised and therefore any results emanating from an election with fake documents and figures are considered fraudulent and cannot be accepted as that which declares the will of this nation.

  23. The President is asking the Observers.
    You came as a guest to see fairplay.
    Your observations fell short.
    You messed up.
    Do not mess up further to make judgement.
    Had you done your job that you came to do, we will not be having this conversation.

  24. Seriously Ramotar??? Seriously???

    Y’all ent gat shame???

    Your supporters should demand that you step down, you dumb-ass sorry-ass excuse for a presidential candidate. You and your “string-puller” Jagdeo need to wake up. No one is listening to you idiots…you morons are sore losers. you’re bitter because you cant get to rape, loot and plunder $$$$$$ anymore. Both coolie and black suffered under your 23 years of shameful rule!!! the only people that benefitted are YOUR friends and families. Jail awaits you…yuh battie-ah-bite now 😉

  25. Give me one reason anybody in region would really give the PPP/C their vote. I was surprised that they even got votes. Just Get OUT.

  26. In the name of our precious God and his Son Jesus Christ go in peace. The Guyanese people have spoken, we sincerely believe that the time have come for a change that will restore Love, Unity, Peace, Honour, Dignity, Joy and Morality to our BEAUTIFUL GUYANA, LAND OF THE FREE. We are a land of free people and we refuse to stand any longer in the chains of bondage, racial oppression, corruption and immorality.
    “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  27. Ramoutar, the gravy train has crashed. You and your cronies (led by Bharrat) showed no mercy in plundering this country. All that you have stolen will have to be returned to the State.
    You and the remaining ungracious PPP members are looking pathetic now.


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