US, UK & Canada reiterate elections were free and fair

ABC Leaders during a recent meeting with GECOM.
ABC Leaders during a recent meeting with GECOM.
ABC Leaders during a recent meeting with GECOM.

[] – The Embassy of the United States of America and the High Commissions ‎of the United Kingdom and Canada reiterated its strong and considered opinion that the voting and tabulation processes in the Guyanese national and regional elections were free, fair, and credible.

A joint statement from the envoys noted that despite investigating, in collaboration with other observer missions, repeated allegations of irregularities, it has found nothing that would materially impact the integrity or credibility of the process.

“The Guyana Elections Commission has an effective verification and dispute resolution process that is functioning well. International experts continue to observe this process. We encourage any political party with concerns about any preliminary results to use the established process with the Guyana Elections Commission to make those disputes known rather than resorting to the media,” the statement noted.

According to diplomats, GECOM is working to complete final results as early as possible under Guyanese law.

“We call on all Guyanese to be patient during that process and for all political leaders to respect the final results. We also call on all political parties to keep their promise to respect the Code of Conduct for Political Parties.‎”

The joint statement was signed by Dr. Nicole Giles, High Commissioner, Canadian High Commission; Gregory Quinn, High Commissioner, British High Commission and Bryan Hunt, Chargé d’Affaires, U.S. Embassy



  1. GECOM is manifesting the most crystally clear exposition of a stunted democracy. It has stunned the population with its foreign influenced ass-sucking incompetence and failed institutional status.

  2. Is it just me, or are there other Guyanese who are wondering who to trust here? Yes, “strong and considered opinions” of these three giants should be held in high regard as UNBIASED observers – but these opinions are questionable. How can we have such a statement being made when the entire electoral process isn’t even complete. Perhaps they can say that the voting process went smoothly – the tabulation? Well we eh know bout that.


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