Ramotar, former Ministers protest GECOM for recount, Dr Surujbally’s resignation

Former President, Donald Ramotar and former Education Minister, Priya Manickchand protest in front of GECOM. [News' Photo]

The PPP/C conducts a peaceful protest outside GECOM's office. [iNews' Photo]
The PPP/C conducts a peaceful protest outside GECOM’s office. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President Donald Ramotar and a number of former government ministers who served under his tenure have taken to the streets, protesting in front the Office of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) in Cowan and High Street, Kingston Georgetown.

Ramotar and the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) are calling for a recount of votes at the just concluded General and Regional Elections and for GECOM’s Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally to resign.

Former Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
Former Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
The PPP continues to maintain that it was cheated at the May 11 elections, which saw the APNU+AFC unseating the PPP/C after 23 years in government. During the protest, the former President told reporters that the Party will protest peacefully for “as long as it takes.”

He believes that the protest action demanding a recount will effect a change.

PPP Member, Romel Roopnarine. [iNews' Photo]
PPP Member, Romel Roopnarine. [iNews’ Photo]
“People are coming out, they are feeling cheated, it is the wrong basis for which a government should begin because the government does not represent the interest of the people.”

Ramotar said a recount will put the PPP/C ahead at a minimum of 2000 votes.

“But I think because the elections were rigged in different ways, it was rigged on the road by them recycling a lot of votes…it was rigged within GECOM itself, there were false Statements of Poll that was used to tabulate the results…these manipulation took place by many of the returning officers,” Ramotar said.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. [iNews' Photo]
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, the former President noted that the PPP/C is yet to decide as to whether it will participate in the 11th Parliament.

“That we will have to decide later on…I haven’t decided on that.”

Former President, Donald Ramotar and former Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar and former Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews’ Photo]
Other former government ministers on the picket line include Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, former Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn, former Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill, former Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, former Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, former Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee and other members of the PPP/C.

Residents of regions 2, 5 and 6 who on Wednesday staged peaceful picketing exercises at the respective regional GECOM offices. The PPP also intends to file an elections petition. [Tracey Khan – Drakes]



  1. Thanks u President Jimmy Carter. I did not know that the outside world was also watching to see what the PPP/Civic was doing to “Oh beautiful Guyana” I thought that after 1992, Guyana would have changed for the better, not the worse. There is no other way out . Finally, we hit rock bottom. We cannot go further. . The only alternative is to go upward spiral . This is what the Guyanese people decided to join together, hand in hand, stop the racist attitude. and get rid of drug dealers criminals, thieves and bandit who were governing that country.

    Shame on those criminals walking the picket lines after all they have done to innocent, poor Guyanese citizens.


    Jagdeo and Ramotar – two complete failures – are running around the country campaigning to bring back lost support from rice farmers and the educated Indians who threw this CORRUPT PPP out of power. Their message was clear ” WE DON’T WANT A “COOLIE PARTY” in this country to rule us” !!

    Jagdeo, in a desperate attempt to prevent any investigation against him and his “PPP FAMILY” and friends’ Party, is trying to play on the emotions of the Guyanese people – telling the world that the last elections were RIGGED.

    Very few Guyanese in Guyana and abroad will take any notice of this CRIMINAL, who was directly responsible for ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of ORDINARY people (of all races).

    Now is the time for those victims, who have suffered DIRECTLY at the hands of this BANDIT and his crew of exploiters, to come forward to give CONCRETE evidence about how they suffered and were denied VERY BASIC RIGHTS – as Guyanese.

    The Guyanese people have the UNSWERVING support of descent people all over the world and we must not lose it – by doing nonsense – as the PPP did.

    We fought for a “people’s government” – and will not accept anything less. The ORDINARY people and their LEGITIMATE REPRESENTATIVES must be ADEQUATELY CONSULTED – at all times.

    Mr. Granger understands that he will have to RULE in the INTEREST OF THE WORKING CLASSES AND THE FARMING COMMUNITIES. If he fails to do that – he will not be forgiven !!


    Association of Concerned Guyanese USA’s photo.
    Association of Concerned Guyanese USA

    The Association of Concerned Guyanese USA (ACGUSA) was chartered in 1982 as a support group for Dr. Cheddi Jagan PPP. Today the ACGUSA has no affiliation with the PPP under the leadership of president Ramotar.

    The ACGUSA experienced its first major split in December of 1989 led by Raj Singh. The two factions existed, with the group headed by Karshan Arjun enjoyed popular support within the Guyanese community; it was the main support group politically and financially until the 1992 election. While the ACGUSA enjoyed a large membership and support base especially from its sports group The Royale Sports Club, the work and programs were carried out by a very few; the splinter faction did very little with some members nothing but constantly complaining to freedom house.

    After the 1992 election an attempt was made by the then President Karshan Arjun to unify the ACGUSA and with the intension to shift our focus from “struggling for democracy, free and fair elections”, but to focus on “national development”. No agreements were materialized, later when Ramotar became general secretary of the PPP, Raj Singh faction became the only recognized ACG group. Before the death of Dr. Jagan, Donald Ramotar was advised to recognize all the PPP support groups in the US, but Ramotar selectively continue to preference Raj Singh ACGNY.
    The ACGUSA group and members of Karshan Arjun faction continue to function. Today most of us support Guyana through other civic and community base organization. Credit goes to many of those who are working and functioning in peace organization, labor movement and even the Democratic Party (supporting some of the most progressive candidates) and some even worked on President Obama campaign. For many of us who have dedicate our lives to progressive struggle in the US feels that we did not abandon Guyana.

    But we ask ourselves a long time ago why pledge allegiance to a political party (PPP) when the leadership of that organization does not recognize our existence or work for the past two decades? While our group might have some PPP sympathizers most support the ideals of Dr. Cheddi Jagan national liberation struggle, we support all progressive organizations that want to move Guyana forward in racial, economic and political unity.

    For many of us who have dedicate our lives to progressive struggle in the US feels that we should continue the struggle for a democratic Guyana. We felt that the PPP under the leadership of Jagdeo and Ramotar continues to abandon Guyanese at home and in the Diasporas.

    Only the ACGNY group, that was handpicked by Ramotar, pledge allegiance to the PPP today. Donald shared a personal family relationship with Raj Singh. Post election ACGNY was no struggle. It became a poster group for the PPP and practically lost its ways. It is a PPP celebrity organization where you pose for pictures and sip drinks with visiting celebrity ministers. What is the role of the ACGNY in the Guyanese community to enhance and better the lives of the Guyanese citizens to improve their social and economic status? None! They represent the elite vanguard of the PPP back home. Their work is obvious; they collaborate with the corrupt Guyanese that rips of the defenseless

    immigrants/locals. How many poor and defenseless Guyanese their friends like Ed Ahmad and others in the circle you know that they took down. And if you ask them, these are the same people who claim to “championed” Jagans legacy of working on the side of the poor, meek, and downtrodden. These are the kinds of PPP two face politicians that we have today where they claim to champion the rights of the working people in Guyana and are in bed with the moneyed Guyanese in New York and Guyana. Then they can’t understand why their status has diminished in support in recent times.

    Perhaps the same sentiment shared in Guyana when the PPP abandoned most of the PPP and PYO groups. Donald Ramotar and his bands felt there are in power and became friends with the rich and influential and there was no need to deal with “little people”. The very little people that were subservient to the PPP leadership in the 70’s and 80’s from New York to California. Then it was not the rich and influential Guyanese businessmen, they were nowhere to be found, they are now what the PPP call the “soup lickers”. But the disgraceful behavior on his behalf clearly reflects how ungrateful the PPP have become to all the other overseas groups.

    Today the PPP is no longer a party of Dr. Jagan, of integrity and national liberation. The PPP has quickly lost the remainder of the progressive element within the party and has become a little bit too late for some radical move to remove the corrupt and opportunist from its leadership. The PPP have learned not to compromise with their own membership, don’t think they will with any other political parties. They haven’t learned anything from past elections.

    The PPP was hopeful that the ACGUSA members would disappear – the sooner the better. Donald and Jagdeo have little empathy for anyone, for the hard work and sacrifice people gave to the PPP. The problem with the PPP, if you oppose them or chooses another political party then that disqualifies you from being a good person. This is all very irresponsible with no practical importance, no value relating to the substance of important issues facing the nation and why people should vote for alternative political parties.

    We need to shape the discussion on Guyana more intelligently. We need to understand the concept of national unity and respect the choices of the electorates in Guyana. We need to refrain from using languages that divide us as a people and work for unity and the betterment of our people.

  3. God hates pride, and commands us to love one another, by inference acts of division,segregation hate filled comments ,the use of words intended to promote your own feeling of superiority and or rightness will not find favor with God , we are all made in the image and likeness of God if you hate your brother you are already a murderer and every PPP/C leader who promotes division by their lies as was done for 23 years in office belong to the one who came to steal kill and destroy.
    But know this those who contend with the almighty omnipotent God who owns the earth and all there is , whose will is reflected in these election results will fight for unity of the races and will prevail.
    Do not give the hateful words of the PPP/C apologists space in your mind breathe freedom and live.The Almighty God has spoken loudly.Long live a united Guyana land of the free.

  4. Yeah shamlall, Let us see how long they will tan for, already Priya Manickchand teking shade under a tree and de sun in even hot. At least they all can say they are working now for the first time. Deh never wuk a day yet fuh taxs payers money, just sit down passing orders, criticizing, working witch craft and all type a wickedness. work now “BY THY SWEAT SHALL THOU EAT BREAD”

  5. Stupid Idiot’s dont contest election for change, stupid idiots sit down and take what they get, stupid idiots don’t know right from wrong or cannot see change, their so blind they reject goodness when it comes, no wonder the stupid idiots are making such comments you are not living in a real world, you are in a imaginery world where everthing goes perfect only for you. In case you are still dreaming, throw some cool Guyanese water on your selves, drink a hot cup of guyanese tea, breath in the Guyanese air and breath out imaginery carbondioxide and then you can get back in the real Guyanese world. when you wake up you will realise that this change is the best thing that ever happen to guyana and its the best for the future generation even yours to come. The APNU+AFC is here to stay and here to keep, it is the will of all the consious people of Guyana excluding those who are just sailing through, and in case you dont know the meaning of the hand on the key. It means “unity is the key”, so get loss all haters of division and segregation, you dont belong in this unity circle.

  6. ” WE SHALL RISE AGAIN” Burham and Cheddie is finally laughing and dancing joyously they finally got their hearts desire, they were not getting to rest in peace, because the PPP keep invoking them. They now get their desire in unifying this nation, am happy they will finally get to rest in peace. AMEN

  7. “The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away” thank you lord for delivering us out of bondage and wickeness of the late Regime, may their souls rest in peace and never rise and glory to destroy this nation no more, may our genaration continue by reaping the fruits of justice, joy and prosperity. Thanks for permanently eliminating the forbidden fruits of insanity.

  8. The PPP should let the people know the truth they want Surajballi to resign because he exposed their dutty cup. can you imagine the PPP keep telling people that they were fake statement of Polls, they did not tell the public the fake SOP belongs to them, both APNU+AFC and Gecome including some of the PPP SOPs were the same but some of the PPP statement of polls did not match,they so accustom to printing SOPs to cheat every election but deh get catch this time because Gecome SOPS Come from the US this time, so de statement of polls wha deh switch didn’t match this time, it had de wrong size. No wonder de observe wonder de observers declare free and fair election and fly out de country, because they know PPP accusations are blatant lies.How can the PPP be so bare face and Shameless, they say wickeness is from creation but the PPP wickedness is beyond creation, theiy are not even worthy of going in camp st jail to dwell with human beings. They all need to be place into a barrel and exile out of the world, their not even fit to go in space their so contagious and venomous they will pollute the air and kill all of us.

  9. …raise your middle fingers…albeit (st)inky…in futile protest….All together now, like a bunch of real (Bo)SSES!!!

  10. Ppl r so ignorant. This gov want to play like he hv interest in our beautiful land Caz he $$$$ coming…. Bt the PPP is hurt n will continue to fight Caz they pick up this country frm nothing n put it on the globe n som of us is running away frm the facts!!!

  11. Ulanda yak?
    beautiful name, well suited.
    u fill your pocket with stolen votes.
    shame on u.
    Put a paper bag over your head.
    The Lord is watching.

  12. The people must never gave up.
    They must let the world know that they have been robbed.
    Ironic who rob them?
    The people who is least expected are partners in the very act of robbing people of democracy and their Democratic Rights.
    They sure were allowed to vote.
    Problem is their votes were not even respected.
    Any and every democratic country gave a recount when election results were close and when challenged.
    Oh PNC, you are back to where you once belong.

  13. Watching these guys on the picket line is really funny. Dem foot should fallin them pot holes and bruk or sprain they should be ashamed to be picketing on that road the were incharge of those roads a week ago.
    Granger stat off on the right foot and I hope he continue. If you qualify for the job you keep the job if was a political appointment well hello.
    All dem PPP big shots are Canadian & USA Citezens. Where is shattie?

  14. 2015 Elections was RIGGED! Surujbally said the “CEO was lauded for finding the anomalies and highlighting them, and therefore Many Statements of Polls (SOPs) received by GECOM from the ten (10) Electoral Districts were identified as FAKES.
    At its meeting of Wednesday, May 13th, 2015, the Chief Elections Officer of GECOM, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, disclosed that he had noticed that many of the SOPs had formats different from the authentic SOPs that were earlier distributed to the Electoral Districts to be used by Presiding Officers to tabulate votes at Polling Stations.
    These fake SOPs did not additionally carry the endorsed signatures of GECOM.
    Surujbally has install an undemocratic government.

  15. that where you , belong, you and your gang, a bunch of thieve sand ungodly people, you belong on the road, soon , we will send you to prison, for all the money you and your gang stole , i think the orange jump suits are being shipped as we speak, do even think you gong to represent the oppsition, of the people,
    i hope god gives the president, granger, the wisdom and knowlede, to lock you guys up, and throw away the key, how in the name of god can you , pardon a killer
    that killed a little, child mr romator, you have commited political, damnation, lay down and die,you represnt, SATAN, let the man kill one of your kids, lets see how you feel, as a parent your action is so immature, you do not represent the people,.

  16. Those who are asking for a PPP recount never took advantage of whatever opportunities came their way. Half of you can barely write a proper sentence but yet you want a recount. Are you even sure you know how to add? If you are an indication of what the PPP is made of, please stay quiet and let someone else take a shot at running Guyana. Mi a beg ayuh.

  17. God is Great. Wake up from your 18 century shallow mind set. And allow the new GUYANA an opportunity for ALL GUYANESE to live UP TO ITS motto. ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE DESTINY.

  18. Priya Manickchand think she can be rude and disrespectful to the US Ambassador and still keep her job? ..fool think again!

  19. Lisa,pick sense from nonsense. PPP/C in power for 23 years and they make complain about being robbed? They are more stupid than I taught. If that happens under their watch they don’t deserve to be there.

  20. I heard about Election rigging…but have first hand experience and is so angry…My dad (81 years old) and 2 brothers did not vote in the previous Election, apparently the PPP had the list of all who did not vote and come this election visited my dad on 2 occasion prior to election day may 11, 2015 and offered my dad and brothers $10,000 each to vote for PPP/C. When my dad ask “if we take the money and does not vote PPP how will you all know?” they told him they will take their ID #s and when they give him the money so that they can make sure he vote PPP by checking the list. Its a good thing camera these days. Sad!!! trying to buy vote.

  21. Only a fool believes he can win all the time,nobody else can.If you live in a fool`s paradise,that will definitely be your place of abode.If this isn`t being POWERDRUNK and crazy,what is?YOU LOST THE ELECTIONS,DONT WASTE TIME.CHANGE HAS COME,FOR THE BETTER.IT IS TIME TO BELIEVE SO.

  22. U stupid idiots…who laff last laff d best wait until granger fired moses n ramjattan everything does go nice for first so yall continue with yall bull shit talk long live the ppp/c

  23. LoL:::U friken de DNA huh…Contaminated now but was not in 97 when PNC asked for and got recount.


  25. come on ppp accept and go and cut farm now, yall want to go back in power just to full yall pocket, where is barrrrrrrrrrrr ratttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  26. Give them plenty of swank, because most of them lil old, and we must keep them hydrated.They may not want any because most of them don’t know what hydrated mean because it got more than one sylable.
    All these hardliners together , just like in the60s and 70s.I believe they more happy picketing than pretending to run a government.They can picket really well, but wait til thr July August sun catch them.Young and smart PPP YOUTH ,left them to picket while you put a new generation of educated and not brain washed PPP youth into Parliment as the oppisition and let the good democratic, engagement start.

  27. Lol these jokers are the laughing stock of the world bring jag deo to picket will make a nice photo album hh

  28. imagine this claim by the ppp how ridiculous it is. a government in power is claiming that the opposition is so powerful that it rigged an election right under its nose. to make this claim by itself shows the incompetence of these people that were in power. they had no handle on security and this is not taking into account that for 23 years crime skyrocketed under their leadership. they deserve to be out of government if they do not have any shame as to what they are admitting.

  29. two t’iefs mek god laff because is jail dem ppp t’iefs see comin’ and dat is why dey gon do anything but admit dat dem got kicked out of power fairly and squarely. everybody in the world know that dem lost the elections excepting dem delusional selves.

  30. It must be hard to be without a job and having to walk around on the streets with a picket sign in your hands. This was the daily plight of 25% of the population. They lived this life everyday and you didn’t care!

    The nation is moving forward. The last female who tried to picket a government entity of yours, was threatened to be ‘slapped and stripped for the fun of it,’ by your former health minister, and you, (Ramotar) coddled it and made excused for his behavior. There is a price to pay for spineless leadership.
    The nation has spoken, you are OUT!

  31. i do hope the ppp learn from this cause when they were in government some of these crooks show they like the government see the true colors now we have to go grass roots level back

  32. Who would have imagined just a few weeks ago that the Guyanese People would have FIRED these PPP/C people and have them come back down to earth from off their high horses? Answer: The Guyanese People.

  33. Its strange to see PPP on the picket line::
    Each and every Guyanese kown if the shoes were on the PNC foot what would have happened..
    One time PNC called for recount -97- and got it without a hitch..
    But hey look at how Surujbally get mouthy now huh..
    its like big Suruj telling PPP to f yourselves..
    Suruj even said it was Budhoo that give PPP the 2011 election win..
    wow mouth opening story jumping out

  34. i wonder if the police will shoot at them as they did the APNU supporters at the last elections ( just here thinking)

  35. Is jail for all of them if a recount is done because ballot boxes are being discovered all over the country. Let GECOM employees from top to bottom get jailed. We want a recount or another election. It’s time we stand up for ourselves. Rigging was back in the days when there was nothing in place to keep a record and Stevie Wonder want a cane now to complete his outfit he portraying.


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