Mixed reactions over Dr Roopnarine’s appointment

Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnarine. [News Source Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Ryan Hoppie
Ryan Hoppie

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Youth Organisations and Educators have expressed mixed views towards the appointment of Dr Rupert Roopnaraine to serve as the Minister of Education while also being responsible for Culture, Youth and Sport under the David Granger APNU+AFC administration.

The Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry was a completely different entity under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration, but surprisingly, this was one of the Ministerial portfolios that was abandoned by the new government.

Some youth advocates have noted that they were especially disappointed given that the APNU+AFC had focused a lot of its elections campaign on youth issues.

The Director of Come Alive Network Inc (CANI), Ryan Hoppietold iNews during an interview that given the heavy campaigning by the coalition on youth involvement, it was expected that there would be a Youth Ministry.

“It’s a definite surprise…I am somewhat disappointed, reason being I think that the youths have worked really hard and have done more than enough to ensure to have a new government today…this Ministry should have been able to stand as a testament to the fact that young people are not only the future, but also the present,” said Hoppie.

He pointed out however that while he understands the need for a lesser amount of Ministries, the Culture Youth and Sport Ministry should not have been collated with the Education Ministry since both are huge portfolios.

“I don’t see how it’s going to work with having the Youth, Culture and Sport all under the stewardship of the new education Minister. Not that I think he isn’t competent, but I foresee a lot of lags in the system with respect to getting things done…they are two distinct portfolios and they are two priority areas and they should be treated as such,” the Youth Leader told iNews.

Ferlin Pedro
Ferlin Pedro

Additionally, Founder of the Guyana Secular Humanist Association, Ferlin Pedro opined that the youth portfolio seems to fit well under the label of the newly formed Ministry of Social Cohesion.

“Youths are part of society, they have concerns, they have needs,requiring appeasement and they want society to view them as an integral role in shaping Guyanese culture and future,” Pedro said.

Amir Dillawar
Amir Dillawar

Meanwhile, Amir Dillawar, Former Vice President of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) said while he feels the need for a Youth Ministry, certain dynamics of the situation should be considered before a judgement is made.

“I would want to feel that having a Ministry dedicated to youth might be pushed out. If the work can be done under another Ministry through a department, then once the work is done then I don’t see there being a problem, my main issue is getting the work done…once the work is done, it really doesn’t matter where the work is from,” said Dillawar.

Albeit the youth corps presented these views, head of the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) Mark Lyte said he was satisfied with the appointment of Dr Roopnaraine.

“We are pleased with the appointment of Dr Roopnaraine and we hope that we can work to move our issues forward, we have no objections, said Lyte.

Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnarine. [News Source Photo]
Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnarine. [News Source Photo]
Ryan Samaroo, a lecturer at the Cyril Potter College of Education told iNews “while I am still trying to understand the rationale for the merging the two ministries, at the same time I am looking at the broader picture. It seems that education is viewed as the cornerstone of tackling the risks faced by society and the principles of independence, collaboration and creativity.”

He pointed out that the Ministry of Education can now collaborate with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to set educational directions including the development of social competencies for survival and the enhancement of lifelong learning opportunities.



  1. Perhaps Someone feels slighted, and that he/she was/is deserving of a certain position in the government, because of the works they performed. Well You are benefitting from the works you put out; just get with the program and put your shoulders to the wheel. Move Guyana Forward.

  2. Strongly agree with you rasheed the Guyanese ppl need to wake up and expect that things will change and to not be affarid of them and welcome them and see what happens before they can make any judgements

  3. I totally agree with you Dennis I don’t see what the big deal is young ppl need more activity in their life and making that ministry part of education is the best way to start we will have basketball introduced into our schools along with cricket and other sports that our young ppl can be engage in.

  4. Mixed reactions over Dr Roopnarine’s appointment::
    Read the SN bloggers who support PNC:
    They are not with this period…
    Like how the combined opposition one seat majority hogged everything for themselves in the 10th parliament they want PNC Granger to hog it all now..
    Stay tuned for the big dance..lol

  5. I do not see anything wrong,having Culture,Youth and Sport being under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education.For instance,Culture is the arts and intellectual achievements as a whole,Youth must be educated to be cultured and Sports or physical recreation tend to enhance brain function.I believe,they all relate to education,they all go hand in hand.

  6. I agree with Coolie Bully ONLY in his first sentence. I am an APNU Supporter and why can’t you trust in the decisions that your new president has made and hold your judgement until you can see whether his decision was a good or no so good one. None of you can know EVERYTHING. How do you know that there is not going to be the best support for the youth. Let me say this Burnham had his ideas for making the country a better one, and you all disagreed and it landed you under a reign of terror and prejudice. What’s wrong with you people? You never learn, do you? Those 23 years was KARMA working. I had hoped that you would be different this time around.

  7. do not be scared of new ideas. you behave like someone took your sweet, away from you
    our new presedent has a visions for the youthes , and we must give im space to
    put his ideas forward for all of us
    this not the time to quesions , this is the time to build our country back
    so stop complainng , you will need to be strong, if you are the youthes, the minester of education is most qualified for his post ,he is a veteran of his times
    we should all welcome him. i know he will give his best

  8. Wow !!! wow !!! wow!!! Complaints already! The words ” I TOLD YOU SO” will become a sore sentence in all you stupid people ears. This is just the beginning. Can’t wait to rub it in more. LOL!!!!

  9. Maybe a Junior Minister responsible for Culture should be appointed to assist Dr Rupert Roopnarine. I nominate Mr Christopher Jones.


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