Ramotar announces plans for tax reforms


Stabroek[www.inewsguyana.com] – With just two days before Guyanese head to the polls, President Donald Ramotar has pledged that a re-elected People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) would seek to reform Guyana’s current taxation laws regarding the importation of motor vehicles.

This comes after the APNU+AFC announced in its manifesto plans to rationalize the taxes that are levied on the import of vehicles. The coalition’s plan details that persons can import newer vehicles and pay less taxes.

At present the taxes on vehicles are increased exponentially if the vehicle was manufactured less than five years prior to purchase.

Ramotar in a statement on Thursday evening said “In response to media questions on the opposition’s intent to increase the tax on vehicles imported, my government will reduce the tax on new and used vehicles being imported. The new administration of the PPP/C will reduce the taxes to ensure that more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles are used by citizens.”

He said that the new amendments to the importation costs of vehicles will ensure that more citizens including young people can own their own new and eco-friendly motor vehicle.

“This commitment is in keeping with our plans as set out for a Green Economy. This new incentive will provide for an economy that is characterized by sustained and inclusive prosperity, as well as one in concord with low-carbon and climate-resilient development,” President Ramotar noted.



  1. They have learnt that from the ppp/c. Aren’t u suprise? Or u r still blind that even that u can’t see.

  2. The colation promises a lot of stuff with no mention of how they will implement it,they promise 10% increase in salary in the first 100 days but in their fine prints in their manifesto they said it would be done gradually and only for low income families,they are saying one thing to the public and writing something else,how can we trust these power hungry people.?

  3. Jagdeo accused APNU+AFC of copying the PPP’s ideas. APNU+AFC made the same statement months ago during one of their rallies, why isn’t Jagdeo saying something about this? who’s copying whom?


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