Ramkarran responds to fraud allegations

Ralph Ramkarran.

Former Speaker of the National Assembly and one time stalwart Executive Member of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) Ralph Ramkarran says that the fraud allegations against him which is now surfacing is a sordid attempt to assassinate his character because of his strong criticisms of the PPP.

The government newspaper – the Guyana Chronicle recycled an article which was published on Caribbeannewsnow.com, accusing Mr. Ramkarran of being involved in a US$4M fraud in the Cayman Islands.

“This is only the first salvo in what would be an ongoing effort to tarnish my character because of my criticisms of the PPP. By now everyone knows that this is their well known modus operandi,” Mr. Ramkarran noted in a statement.

He explained that he represent a beneficiary of the Will of Yusuf Mongroo in a case brought by his daughters challenging his Will and that this is only the latest of several efforts to publicly accuse persons associated with this matter of fraud.

“The lawyer who made the Will was accused of fraud. The witnesses who signed the Will were accused of fraud. It is no surprise now that I and my client are accused of fraud,” the former PPP Member said.

He noted that a report was made to the Guyana Police who conducted an intensive investigation of the matter but no one has been charged.

“The Police prepared their own handwriting report of the signature on the Wills is the valid signature of Yusuf Mongroo. My client has given all the documents in her possession to the Police including all of those mentioned in the article. In addition, all of those documents are before the Court in the case which is ongoing,” Mr. Ramkaran explained.

The political warfare between Mr. Ramkarran and the PPP continues, as damning revelations of corruption by the PPP administration has been revealed by the former executive member, since his resignation from the Party.



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