“Ramjattan should be the last to threaten anybody” – Rohee

PPP's General Secretary, Clement Rohee and Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan.


By Kurt Campbell

PPP's General Secretary, Clement Rohee and AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.
PPP’s General Secretary, Clement Rohee and AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Home Affairs Minister and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee has sternly cautioned Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan.

Rohee said, “Ramjattan should be the last to threaten anybody because people with glass house don’t throw stones.”

The Minister was making reference the Ramjattan’s threat to lodge a formal complaint with the police for what he said was the illegal spending of public funds by Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh.

“He has a high glass house around him, especially in relation to the Specialty Hospital,” Rohee said. When asked what he was specifically referring to, he said, “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lie.”

According to Ramjattan, Dr. Singh committed a crime when he illegally spent $4.5B from the coffers when the National Assembly had denied approval for such expenditure.

Ramjattan, who is a practicing Attorney – at – Law said despite the matter being in the public domain, he will be preparing a formal complaint to be submitted to the Guyana Police Force since in previous times when illegalities are uncovered and made public, the Police would in response say that no formal complaint was lodged with them.

To this end, Rohee said he is confident that the police have the capacity to investigate such matters.

“I would be disappointed if after 175 years, under my watch, the police can’t investigate such a crime.”





  1. PPPC and Mr Rohee does not have the backbone to expose these opposition politicians simply because they in PPPC have lots to hide too. So its all threats and fat talk and nothing will change for a better life for all citizens of Guyana. PPPC want to hang on to power while opposition leaders are trying to grab power. Put Ramjattan as President of Guyana. Will he change anything? No he wont he cant but the only thing will happen he will get filty rich by giving out contracts to his big donor buddies like that of the Peg and KN owners. Put Granger as President. Will anything change? Yes. He will raid the treasury like his papa Forbes did. He will again have Guyanese sporting bery bery { white } Yaaz mouths. While he and the top two in security live in luxury. The other top two will be head of police and head of army to keep any PNC president in Power.

  2. ‘disappointed if after 175 years, under my watch’

    Mr Ramjattan, Sir:
    Looking at your picture above you sure look much younger and as such should offer value. No need to hang your head. You are supporting a party (PNC) whose past made a mockery of every norm in Guyana. You should rather have them investigated for the rigging of General Elections.
    Mr Ramjattan Sir, you are in bed with an undeserving crew.
    The boat of credibility already sailed and you Sir is left behind.


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