Pastor tells Commissioner: “Cleanse that seat before you occupy it”



By Leroy Smith

popo[] – A fiery Pastor, Patrick Miggins has warned head of the Guyana Police Force, Seelall Persaud that it is time he and by extension, the entire Guyana Police Force start giving thanks to the Almighty.

The Pastor remarked that if the Commissioner of Police wishes to see miracles within the organization, then the lord must be invited into the operation and management of the Force.

The Pastor was at the time delivering the sermon  at a church service by the police ‘A’ Division to mark the anniversary of the force as it celebrates 175 years.

Speaking directly to the Commissioner of Police, Pastor Miggins stated “If you want to see miracles in the Force, give him thanks.”

To a very loud and resounding round of applause, Pastor Miggins told the police that for too long they listen to man so much that it is time for them to listen to the “real boss” referring to the Almighty.

The man of God warned the Police Commissioner that not everyone who smiles with him is for him.

“When you are promoted, do not occupy that seat until you invite God, many times you have to cleanse the seat before occupying it. God is concerned about the Guyana Police Force.”

The police were reminded that they are not only servants of the people but of God also and are therefore members of the Lord’s service.

The Pastor lauded the Guyana Police Force for its efforts in engaging the communities and stakeholders pointing to the need for there to be networking among the police and all agencies where resources can be pooled.



  1. in other words the pastor does not know if Seelall Persaud is a practicing Hindu according to his name so he must convert to the pastor religion in order for things to work for him..the real boss they were applauding is man he is called the pastor so they must listen to he coz he is the almighty since they never heard or was seeing the almighty delivering the sermon ..


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