Ramadan Message by the IAC


Ramadan-WishesThe Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) wishes to extend Ramadan Mubarak greetings to all the citizens of Guyana, especially those who are adherents of Islam, the religion of peace, at the beginning of this holy month which is observed by over one billion people globally.

The IAC urges those persons who are truly observing the religious customs and traditions of this holy month to practice and teach self-discipline, self-restraint and that being generous to the less fortunate while obeying God’s Commandments.

The IAC recognizes that the observances of the holy month promotes great spiritual virtues and blessings and teaches respect for all of god’s creation and religions.

The IAC calls on all our political leaders to learn the principles and lessons of this holy month of Ramadan to build bridges and not walls, where our country there would be harmony and peace.

Once again Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim brothers and sisters from the IAC, promoting our festivals; arts; cultures and religion.




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