PYO condemns alleged stoning of PPP supporter’s home in Linden


crime scene[] – The Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) has condemned the alleged stoning of the home of a supporter of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic in the mining town of Linden.

In a statement to the media, the PYO said that “at 19:00hrs on Monday, April 20, 2015 which saw the home of PPP/C Candidate Ms Gem Narine in Linden, Region 10 being stoned with missiles by opposition activists within the region.”

PYO says it condemns “the desperation, mounting intimidation and scare tactics being employed by opposition activists in several regions across this country against its members and young candidates for the ruling Peoples Progressive Party Civic.”

The PPP youth arms says it deems the attack on Narine’s property and this form of intimidation as unacceptable and a breach of her constitutional right to freely associate with any political party of her choice. 

“The PYO also notes the psychological and emotional trauma caused by the incident on her 11-year-old son and other family members which occurred at various intervals until 10:00pm. We understand that a report has been lodged with the McKenzie Police Station and we urge that strict action be taken against those dastard opposition activists in the Region,” noted the statement.

The PYO also called on members to remain “calm, cool and collective despite the insults, instances of provocation and outright disrespect shown by members of the opposition to them while either campaigning or working diligently for continued progress.”



  1. Dos Ramos, Allegations can be true and/or false, it can be an assertion or an accusation, but I would like you and you PNC cronies to tell me if this is an accusation or an allegation, then you will understand that Crum was just an PNC Pawn. Please Google: “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape”
    Also Google:
    “Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on PNC female”
    Where did they get the illegal drugs?
    Are they not drugs dealers?
    This female PNC member is not a human being like your mother/wife?
    Would you condemn Your MPs for their illegalities?
    Do you still want Felix to be your Minister of Home Affairs?
    Do you still want Williams to be your Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General?

  2. it is a known documented fact that back in the days gawu wanted to be recognized as the premier workers union representing east indian workers and many east indian workers were subjected to humiliating searches and harassment by the ppp goon squads forcing them to drop membership in the mpca and join gawu.

    each east indian worker suspected to be member of mpca union were subjected to the humiliation of having to produce his/her paycheck to the ppp goon squat that demanded to see which union deducted dues for the worker’s paycheck. when a worker was caught paying union dues to the mpca he / she was ordered to join gawu and if they refuse they were subjected to beatings and threats of firebombing to their property – all carried out and administered by east indians against their own east indian people.

    the ppp has a sordid dutty past that it tries to hide by fueling discord between the afro-guyanese and indo-guyanese. as more information has become available the nastiness of the ppp is being exposed daily but decent guyanese refuse to dwell on the past and prefer to look towards the future.

    the bankrupt ppp party must rely on the ignorance of indo-guyanese to keep them in power and the masses know that the ppp can cry all it want about being persecuted by other guyanese but it will not wash with the good folks in the country that knows the real history of the ppp.

    you are one of the illiterates so you have no moral high grounds over those who know your trait.

  3. An allegation only, like Varshnie’s allegation! There were Inflammatory speeches at Albion recently … Did you guys not hear it? Are those trees now bearing those bitter fruits? Probably boys were pelting Mangoes and accidentally hit the house.
    Mr. Crum Ewing was murdered … did you sympathise with his parents… If only as a
    Progressive Organization that condones all violence?
    I personally condemn any violence and any incitement to violence by anyone. Peace!

  4. What are the supporters of the opposition trying to do? No matter what you do we will go out and vote and I think we all know who will win this election. Stop doing what you do best and try to make your lives worth living. Surprisingly no words of condemnation has been uttered by the leaders of the opposition yet. Are these the people we want to govern this country? Wise up all you illiterate people!

  5. the pyo is just as empty and bankrupt as those of the cabal and all the rhetoric and fear mongering won’t wash by the general public who are educated and knows when to spot ppp / government propaganda.

    the pyo will gain some credibility when it condems the hanging of granger / nagamootoo in effigy from power poles and the racial divisiveness uttered by ppp party at its rallies.

    stop putting out statements trying to make the general public fools because its is not!


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