Public Service Commission members sworn in

President Ramotar and members of the Public Service Commission. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

President Ramotar and members of the Public Service Commission. [iNews' Photo]
President Ramotar and members of the Public Service Commission. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Members of the Public Service Commission (PSC) were today (September, 01) sworn in by President Donald Ramotar at the Office of the President.

The new members of the PSC are Carvil Duncan, Patrick Yarde, Patricia Went, Mohamed Akeel and Vidyawattie Looknauth. The members took the oath and promised to do their best to ensure the rights of Public Servants are not trampled upon.

President Ramotar acknowledged that the PSC is being established late; however he cited unnamed reasons for this.

“I look forward also to the swearing in of the Rights Commission; the Commission has not been functioning for a while and I do hope that works will accelerate in the Parliament so that we can have these Commissions established and we can have them functioning so that they can add value to the service that we provide to the people of our country,” President Ramotar said.

Additionally, he said he is looking forward to working with the members of the commission to make the country a better place.

Patrick Yarde, the Guyana Public Service Union President said this is a step in the rights direction.

“I do hope that the oat people took today is one that they took with sincerity…these persons today were given power over public servants and I hope that the deal with it dignity with fairness with justice and in the interest of Guyana”.

And two time member of the PSC and President of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), Carvil Duncan explained that a meeting will be called and elections will be held for the various positions within the Commission.

“Then we would have to report back to the Office of the President and then those persons will have to be sworn in and then the Commission will start functioning,” Duncan said.

He could not say definitely when the Commission will start to function, since that lies in the hands of the Secretary of the Commission.



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