Public funds were not spent on Ministers’ trip to New York – Harmon clarifies

Ministers Cathy Hughes and Raphael Trotman on stage at the victory rally in New York. [Enrico Woolford's Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Ministers Cathy Hughes and Raphael Trotman on stage at the victory rally in New York. [Enrico Woolford's Photo]
Ministers Cathy Hughes and Raphael Trotman on stage at the victory rally in New York. [Enrico Woolford’s Photo]
[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has clarified that money was not utilized from the ‘public purse’ to send government ministers in New York for the victory rally of the APNU+AFC recently.

When questioned, Harmon told reporters on Wednesday, June 17 that tickets, hotel accommodation and transportation on the ground, were all paid for by the organizers of the event.

Ministers of Governance and Tourism, Raphael Trotman and Cathy Hughes, along with Harmon were present at the victory rally, which was held on June 14 in Brooklyn, New York.

“Not a cent from the public purse was spent on that visit,” Harmon said.

Meanwhile, when asked about President David Granger’s one day trip to New York, also at the weekend, Harmon clarified that it was a “private personal trip,” debunking reports that it was a medical one.

According to Harmon, the President is just like any other Guyanese and from time to time, he would need to take time off to deal with personal issues.



  1. Id Yes they want TAX payers to pay for private trip with his 46 others persons that was on that trip. You should asked them what hotel they stay. Dr Bharat Jagdeo when he travel most of the time with one aid Ronald Hercucles. and they stay at the Holiday inn,Ramada, Court Yard by Marriot or Hilton at JFK and when he is IN NYC he stayed at Stetson Hotel a 1 star hotel. The APNU-AFC GROUP STAYES AT WALDROFF ASTORIA IN THE MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. which cost $1000″s US per night imagine 46 rooms
    at that hotel. what taxpayer have to pay and you talk of PPP spent taxpayers money you should tell the to print the bill for that trip in the WATERFALL PAPER. Granger came for medical reason to NY
    but they are ashamed to say it.. Don’t worry about Harmon saying public funds were not spent on that trip he is lying who can he fool..those organizer don’t have a pot to piss in. so don’t listen propaganda that taxpayer did not paid for the 46 person to travel to ny..

  2. ID, when Jagdeo and his Hench men were flying all over the world using the public purse, did you question it. Seems that what is good for the goose, is not good for the gander. How many Billions was wasted by the previous administration, did you question any of it, how much was stolen from the sugar and rice workers, did you question it. you are silly and out of touch with reality. Check any government around the world and see how their head of government travel, maybe you might learn something.

  3. I totally agree with derrycksgriffth. In the United States going on a vacation our president uses Air Force One. Please who the hell is questioning how the president travels It is a privilege that is paid for by the tax payers.I never heard anyone question Jagdeo or that other most awful person whatever his name is on who was paying for their trip. Whoever you are asking such questions, please get a grip.

  4. Presidential Privileges In Guyana:

    I think that the president of Guyana MUST be able to travel on Official or Private matters via the Guyana Airways, and paid for by the people of Guyana.

    This Office is the Highest in the land, and by virtue of its’ importance, special concessions MUST be granted to the holder of this office.

    Provided these concessions are not willfully abused.


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