Man’s body found floating in No.61 Backlands


By Leroy Smith

Crime scene[] – The partly decomposed remains of a man was fished out of a canal on Wednesday, June 17, in the backlands of the No. 61 Village, Middle Walk Backdam, Corentyne Berbice.

iNews has been informed that the body found floating face down in the canal by workers of a rice field in the area.

The police were immediately informed and travelled to the location, where they retrieved the body. It was discovered that the man’s face was badly disfigured.

iNews could not immediately confirm the man’s identify, but information received revealed that he was positively identified by his brother. It is unclear at this point if the man was reported missing or when last he was seen by his relatives.

Police investigations continue.



  1. There are some people like Sly who have nothing good to say no matter what is happening. To him the new government must achieve the sky, and do what the previous government did not do in 23 years. It is better to be though of as being ignorant than to open your mouth or write and prove that you are.

  2. All they have to do is to implement the strategy/ action plan that they claimed to have had when in opposition instead of focusing on ethnic cleansing of government departments. That would send a signal to the population at large and the criminals that they meant what they said.

  3. Just implement the strategy/ action plan they claimed to have had when they were in opposition without delay instead of focusing on ethnic cleansing of the various government departments/ institutions

  4. What are you talking about Sly wake up out of your sleep… the new government is only a few months old and they are not God to change things in a flash..

  5. Another one bites the dust. Maybe too early to say how he died but with the ever increasing murder and crime rates, speculation would be murder. The murder rate has increased dramatically since the new government took office. While in opposition, they had all the answers to tackle murder and other criminal activities. What are they going to do about this scourge infecting the society?


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