Psychiatric Hospital patient choked on meat- PM Report

Stephon Francis

An autopsy performed on the body of 27-year-old Stephon Francis, who died after a fight at the National Psychiatric Hospital in Berbice, revealed that he died as a result of choking on a piece of meat.

The postmortem examination was conducted by Dr Vivakanand Bridgemohan at the New Amsterdam Hospital on Tuesday.

Stephon Francis

Francis, of Kitty, Georgetown, was a substance abuse patient at the facility. He was reportedly involved in a fight at Chalet Four on Sunday evening.

During the scuffle, he reportedly fell and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he died while receiving medical attention.

Police had initially arrested two patients in connection with the man’s death but following findings in the postmortem report, the two men were reportedly escorted back to the Psychiatric Hospital.

The now dead man was taken to the medical facility about a week ago and was admitted a substance abuse patient. This was not the first time he was admitted to the institution.