PSC to Politicians: Show maturity for elections


[] – The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is calling on all political parties and stakeholders to show a certain level of maturity in their endeavours as campaigning for May 11 polls intensify.

In a release to the media on Tuesday, February 03, the PSC said that it is important that politicians desist from “personal attacks on rival politicians.”

The Commission said that politicians have displayed a general increase in maturity in the last two elections and must ensure that this continues.

“All Guyanese must have the nation’s interest as their priority and must be prepared to accept the winner as determined by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Regardless of which party wins, the leaders of all three political parties must work together to ensure the stability of the nation and its development,” the release noted.

The media is also being called upon by the Commission to report responsibly and accurately during and after the elections period in order to maintain “peace and stability” in Guyana.

“The Commission is also calling for the resuscitation of the Media Monitoring Unit and for all media houses to act in accordance with the Media Code of Conduct. The Commission would also like to point out that it is important for the Opposition to be given some access to state media which will address the complaints of unequal access.”

It was noted that the PSC will be applying for Observer Status for the May 11 elections having served in this capacity at previous elections.           

The Commission further noted that one of the key transformational projects that should be realized during the life of the next Parliament is the Amaila Falls Project and the Commission hopes that the next Government will make this a priority since electricity costs are of paramount importance to the private sector which creates jobs and pays the most taxes.

“This project has the potential to facilitate the expansion of the manufacturing sector in Guyana, allowing our local manufacturers to compete at the regional and global levels.The Commission believes that a measure of trust has to be developed between the parties in order to ensure greater inclusivity which is essential for good governance. It will also be necessary for the new political Opposition to act responsibly and for the new Government to embrace the spirit of compromise.”



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