PSC ‘nervous’ about pending No Confidence showdown



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

President of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.
President of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.

[] – The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has expressed ‘nervousness’ as the day draws near for the formal introduction and pending debate of the No Confidence motion in the National Assembly that could see Guyana heading to the polls.

During an interview with iNews today, Thursday, October 02, President of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud said that the full impact of a motion of this nature cannot be predicted.

He noted that the pending motion is currently affecting investments, since businesses are awaiting the outcome of this motion.

“It leaves a lot of speculation and businesses are holding back on the level of investment because of the uncertainty that comes with not having to be sure of what the political future of the country holds,” Persaud told iNews.

According to the country’s constitution, the President and the Cabinet must resign if government is defeated by a majority vote in the National Assembly as it relates to the motion. Once this is done, the Government has three months to remain in office and prepare for elections.

Meanwhile, Member of the PSC, Ramesh Dookhoo expressed frustration with the continued political impasse that is affecting the development of the country and people.

“Political leaders have to put the interest of the people of Guyana and the Private Sector, business community and all of us first and foremost and forget about political brinkmanship; it’s not about politicians, it’s about 750,000 people who live here,” Dookhoo said.

PSC Member, Ramesh Dookhoo.
PSC Member, Ramesh Dookhoo.

According to Dookhoo, “I believe that there should be something that should not be used as political weapons or political brinkmanship should not be encouraged on certain issues. Unfortunately we see a lot of that across the Caribbean, we see public servants being dismissed when the Government changes in the Caribbean…we see political spite translated economically in some countries and those are things we have to work to eliminate as a Private Sector.”

General Secretary of the Alliance for Change (AFC), David Patterson yesterday confirmed October 16 as the date for the much anticipated debate on the Motion.

During a telephone interview with iNews, Patterson confirmed that the AFC met with the main Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) where APNU’s Leader, David Granger reiterated the Party’s support for the AFC sponsored No Confidence Motion.




  1. big A its so easy to call others thieves but hard or next to impossible in proving it…so far your favorite media KN can prove theft but in fact the tables turn on your KN a politician have have peoples interest at heart or for that matter name a politician with a bloody heart of gold…even on your side they are the biggest thieves thats why they cant rule again ….PNC baboo PNC

  2. let the political opposition clowns bring it…they must remember they have to win an out right majority when the next election called…the only way for opposition to win this outright majority is to get GECOM surujbally and GECOM vishnu persaud to pad up the list for them where the dead and old houses can vote pnc —-AGAIN–


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