PS denies preventing former Housing Minister from accessing office

Former Minister of Housing, Irfaan Ali.
Former Minister of Housing, Irfaan Ali.

[] – The Ministry of Housing and Water says it is a professional and respectful agency and as such, it is disappointed with an article published in a local newspaper, which accused the Permanent Secretary of locking out former Minister Irfaan Ali out of his office.

A press statement from the Housing Ministry noted that action reportedly taken by the Ministry was done with the knowledge of the former Minister after he had completed clearing his office of personal items and documents.

“At no time was the Minister denied access to the Ministry, as he was in fact still engaged in activities related to the just concluded elections and had not gone to the Ministry,” the press statement noted.

According to the Housing Ministry, at no time was the Permanent Secretary contacted by the press and the Ministry believes that the inaccuracies of the articles have brought dishonor to the lauded offices of the Minister and Permanent Secretary.  

The Ministry acknowledged however that the Permanent Secretary did advice staff to prepare to work with the new Minister.




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