New Gov’t to review employment of contract workers

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

Acting Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Joseph Harmon. [iNews' Photo]
Acting Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Joseph Harmon. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Acting Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Joseph Harmon has confirmed that the new APNU+AFC government will review the employment of contract workers, given the fact that they are paid a higher salary than public servants.

Following the swearing in ceremony of President David Granger, Harmon reminded of the 100 days plan which the APNU+AFC has in place, pointing out that time is of essence.

“We will review these as a matter of policy. We said we were going to review them and it is just a matter of time before we do so…A day has already passed; this is day one; we have 99 days left to deliver on these promises,” Harmon told reporters.

He however made it clear that employees in the public service will not be victimized.

“We are not about witch hunting…once persons do their work well, by the time the Ministers are sworn in, then the Ministers will be interviewing people…We want all government agencies and entities, the head of those organizations to understand that their duty is to the people of Guyana and whatever they do, they have to keep that in mind.”




  1. It will definitely be unfair,if contract workers perform the same duties as the regular public servants and are paid higher salaries.This will be discriminatory, unacceptable and a waste of taxpayers dollars,and must cease with immediate effect.As long as public servants perform their duties professionally,they should be allowed to continue their tour of duty.NO DISCRIMATION.

  2. Exactly what Guyana needs….leaders,decision makers and risk takers.Congratulations to the new change that has come to beautiful Guyana.

  3. FYI, Mr. Harmon. Guyanese all over the world are keeping an eye on the 100 day plans. Also needed is a change in the payroll system. Families can benefit more if the payroll is changed to either bi-weekly or weekly. Paying an employee on the 1st of the month creates even more to the hardships, once an individual receives his/her paycheck, everything has to be done at once, and most times, they end up without money for transportation to travel to work or school the following 29 days. One other thing, using the APNU+AFC’s motto, “It is Time”, It is indeed time, to change the work week from 6.5 days to 6 days for government offices, and allow families to have week-ends to spend together. Commercial businesses can continue as is. Keeping in mind the promise of a government, working for the people, implementation of these changes, will be the perfect way to create a Healthy, Functional Guyanese Society. I pray that this will be dealt with ASAP.

  4. Joe congratulations to you and everyone for the time has come for a Government of all the people and I am certain that for past reflections will come much better way of Governance. I met you in Queens and I hold a similar position as yours in Queens Borough President office for 2.3 million people and will like to be in your discussions. I am not looking for any favor but to share my ideas. As a matter of fact I will make a special trip soon to meet you and others if possible . Mohamed Hack 917-440-7714


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