Private Sector wants PM debate but not as bargaining chip for Presidential debate


By Jomo Paul

Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.
Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.

[] – Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ramesh Persaud and President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams have both said that they see the need for a Prime Ministerial debate in the run up to the May 11 elections; however they cautioned that the Presidential Debate should not be premised on the hosting of such.

Williams, speaking to iNews in a recent interview, pointed out that in the event the President is unable to perform his duties, it is the Prime Minister that ascends to the post therefore, it is only right that a debate between the two candidate manifest so that the electorate could hear from them.

“If in fact the Prime Minister is a heartbeat away from the Presidency, then it seems to make sense that the Prime Minister as well as the Presidency ought to present positions to the public,” said Williams.

Despite this position, Williams advised that if the preliminary considerations for the debate did not include a Prime Ministerial debate, it would be arbitrary for such a demand to now be foisted as conditionality for the Presidential debate.

President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams
President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA), Clinton Williams

Meanwhile, Persaud explained to iNews that anyone who is seeking a high election office should be inclined to a debate and present to the electoral reasons for that person to be elected. He said he is not cognizant of any reasons why a Prime Ministerial candidate would not be inclined to enter into a debate with his/her competitor.

“We believe that people who seek high offices, the debate is an opportunity for them to convince the public on why they should be elected…it is important that people who seek such high office present in some way form or the other issues with their competing candidates on why they should be elected…we don’t see no reason why they should not do it,” said Persaud.

Prime Ministerial Candidates, Moses Nagamootoo and Elisabeth Harper
Prime Ministerial Candidates, Moses Nagamootoo and Elisabeth Harper

He was however firm in his position that the Presidential debate should not dangle on the demand for a Prime Ministerial debate.

“I don’t think the Presidential debate should be premised on that, the Presidential debate they can agree to that and they can agree to a Prime Ministerial one. Both of them are high offices and they should partake in the debate,” the Private Sector Chairman lamented.




  1. and y debate with his very own words..he will never join afc ..he wont be a namakaharam.he did joined afc…he then said he will not join ppp nor pnc and afc will remain 3rd force…well nagamoottoo is no longer afc but in fact he is now pnc..the man is a proven liar…he is doing what he is doing out of sheer hate for jagdeo and ppp…he only intrest lies in ppp nagamoottoo had no time for pnc and their people..then u have granger another liar..granger said it loud and proud he dont trust nagamoottoo…garnger now asking guyanese to trust nagamoottoo..granger dont trust nagamoottoo with the speakers job…now granger asking guyanese to trust nagamoottoo with being prime minister..u be judge juror and make your own debate..

  2. there must be no debate of any kind period…go out and tell guyanese what u have in store for them should they win..debate is never a good thing…in court of law never ask a question u dont have the answer to..all the questions will be pointed to ppp on —-corruption——but yet they wont show —-prooof—–of corruption….they want to bring repoerts for what sn said from what kn said from what dmnwave said from what inews said…not one cant show it…if they want to show bogus then what not let ppp minister respond ….immediately….not tomorrow not next week or next month…..immediatley then print…

  3. Debate, Debate, Debate! Does the PNC even understand the definition of the word debate? PPP is always ready for a civilize and educational debate. I cannot say the same for the PNC/AFC.
    The PNC said they will have three vice Presidents. Therefore we must have debates with all three of their vice Presidential candidates too!
    I would like to suggest three PPP namely, Clinton Urling, Peter Ramsaroop, and Clive Jagan to debate the PNC/AFC Plenty Candidates.

  4. listen Buddy.
    no man is an Island.
    Presidents normally have a Team of advisers.
    Your God Granger has the whole PNC in New York to run the show.

  5. There should not be any one on one debate with Moses Nagamootoo.
    This man knows all the crooked tricks in the book.
    Never expose our ‘fair’ lady to crocodiles.
    There must be a debate let it be a full slate, BJ and all!

  6. We expected you to take the side of the PPP/C it is always a but with you PSC. Well here you have it, no Prime minister debate, no presidential debate.


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