“I will not be muzzled” – Jagdeo says on Court case


By Radha Motielall

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo is of the view that the Opposition is using Christopher Ram to muzzle him.

He believes that the effort is aimed at intimidating him to the point where he will stop appearing on the PPP/C campaign stage. He however made it clear that he has every intention of continuing to speak in favour of the PPP/C and against its challenger, APNU+AFC as they battle it out to May 11, 2015.

Jagdeo is facing a private criminal charge of uttering racially divisive remarks, filed against him by political commentator, Christopher Ram.

Christopher Ram.
Christopher Ram.

The case has since been postponed to May 25, to allow for the complainant’s lawyers to respond to arguments filed by Jagdeo’s lawyer, Senior Counsel Bernard DeSantos, who contended that the service was not “effected”; meaning Jagdeo was not served with the summons.

The charge required the former Guyanese leader to personally appear in court to plead guilty or not guilty. Referring to the case at his Wednesday media conference, Jagdeo said: “I was told that the case is frivolous”.

Given the fact that the case is now postponed to May 25, past the May 11 Elections date, Jagdeo remains free of its ruling to continue to speak his mind at public gatherings.

The charges against Jagdeo stemmed from remarks he made at Babu John, Port Mourant in March at the commemorative event for late Presidents Cheddi and Janet Jagan.

The former President had said, “The Opposition consistently shout about the racism of the PPP but they practice racism. The opposition beat drums at six in the morning and say let us throw out those coolie people.”

And before the media on Wednesday, he admitted that he tends to say things “others might be reluctant to say”.

Meanwhile, he also stated that he has no confidence in the Media Monitoring Unit (MMU).

“I have absolutely no confidence in this MMU, unless the MMU reports to GECOM, because it is GECOM that receives the funding for the MMU. GECOM must be able to have oversight of the MMU”.

It was the MMU which reported that the statement by Jagdeo at Babu John was “racially divisive”, which led Ram filing the case against him at Whim.




  1. Jagdeo seems hell bent on creating the perfect scenario for racial tensions and subsequent racial violence. The PPP and mainly Jagdeo has proven that winning elections is paramount to a peaceful Guyana. They will destroy the country they claim to love, because of their love of power.
    If we were to go back to history and the burning of the Sun Chapman (which Nokta should be in jail for), it was the PPP that ignited the flames of racial violence. Jadgeo seems determined to repeat history.

  2. Ram is deemed a Political Commentator by all Anti-Government, and Anti-PPP. When in reality he is an AFC or I should say a PNC/AFC Politician. Ram has been representing the WPA in the Walter Rodney Inquiry and has been criticizing only the PPP and commenting negatively on the PPP.
    This women abuser never speak out against the PNC criminals. When the President called upon Granger to answer for the 155 weapons that were giving out to criminals, it was Ram who jump to answer for Granger. Is that what Guyana unprofessional Journalists called Political Commentator?
    So all these PNC bloggers are Political Commentators too?
    PNC bloggers Andrew, is commenting as Cheddi, looknah, trevis,shaun, investor, Albert, Pandit, Baboo, Ishmael, etc. the latest as C I Lewis. Wake up Guyana!

  3. dis is bogus…but i tell u what..if this britishit guyanese is not sued to make him pauper they will not stop going after ppp ministers..if they get power u bet your life it will be the end of ppp forever…every single guyanese will be so afraid them them..none will be able to stand up to them..they have police in their pockets..they hand gdf in their pockets and they have the racists in the so called guyana bar association .you guys see how nigel hughes get his buddy in on the jury to make killers walk free…if u want the pnc then vote it to power overwhelmingly..u can got to jail for eating roti..u can go to jail for having a loaf of bread..cris ram dem will leave guyana along with his family..ramjaata and nagamoottoo and ramkarran all with with family will sneak out of guyana in the dark..this is about hate..just because their buddies nagamoottoo and ramkarran and ramjaattan did not get leadership role in ppp..

  4. C I Lewis did you mean?
    You`re going down GRANGER. You`re going down. “And go placidly among the noise and haste….”You`re now a “private citizen”.

    Hey Lewis on May the 12th, I will hand you and all PNCites/Burnhamites a brown paper bag to cover yuh head.

  5. jagdeo, the one thing that the guyanese people gives you credit for is the fact that despite you being a stupid man you have just enough sense to know that even the biggest baddest donkey, despite its kicking bucking and snapping, eventually gets muzzled.

    the guyanese people are way smarter that you care to believe and they know what you jumpin’ on taking the military and police and making them into footballs in your political circus. the guyanese public has forever been bombarded with the innuendos, epithets and euphemisms and they know every code word used by you and the dog-whistlers you have around you.

    the guyanese people and the international community will not allow you to take this country down the same path as bosnia and rwanda. those events are still fresh in the minds of people and they understand that you and the cabal are all bigger than the courts in guyana and the law doesn’t concerns you. however, they will also like to remind you that there are a few vacant cages over at the international criminal court in the hague reserved for genocidal maniacs like you and your cult following.


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