Private Sector registers discontent following Parliament’s suspension

Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud


Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.
Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.

[] – The Private Sector Commission (PSC), in a short statement last evening, said it is both concerned and disappointed; citing a continued absence of political compromise between the Government and the Opposition.

The PSC’s statement came hours after President Ramotar suspended Parliament by way of proclamation. The PSC says the development has presented Guyana with an abnormal situation.

According to the Body, the situation is certainly not conducive to a stable business environment or encouraging to business investment.

“We can only hope that good sense will prevail and that the national interests predominate over potentially destructive narrow political intent,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, when contacted by iNews, PSC Chairman, Ramesh Persaud said he has nothing more to add to the statement. He did not say personally whether he supported the suspension.

However, PSC Member Captain Gerald Gouveia took to his Facebook page in support of the suspension, popularly being referred to as a prorogation.

PSC Member Captain Gerald Gouveia
PSC Member Captain Gerald Gouveia

The longstanding entrepreneur said, “I am watching helplessly as the Opposition reverts to the threat of public protest and unrest. I sit in amazement and watch the Opposition use the same methodology over and over,failing every time but somehow, every time they somehow keep expecting a different result,” adding that “I am watching helplessly as our economy grinds slower and slower.”

He said he watched over the last two years how the Opposition rolled out its strategy from the budget cuts, to its nonsupport for the hydro power plant, attempts to stop the construction of the Marriott Hotel, Airport expansion and the passage of the non Anti – Money Laundering Bill among others.

“I am now watching a destructive fight but it seems a necessary fight, I am watching helplessly and hoping, hoping that good sense will prevail, hoping that leaders will lead and not be lead,” he added.

Gouveia says he hopes that the love for Guyana will be greater than the hate and vengeance that seem to dominate the debate.

The Head of State suspended the Parliament ahead of a debate on a No – Confidence Motion brought against his administration by the Opposition.

The Parliament could be suspended for a total of six months. The prorogation means that the House cannot proceed with its work until the Head of State decides on a date.



  1. the voices are not loud enough when PNC and AFC trampled on the court and constitution. You see PPP supporters take it easy and lay back n relax and allow PNC to trample on their Government and trample on them too. Once thing you have to admire PNC for……they protest and march for their rights…even when PNC is wrong they march and protest too to make their rulers look like some king of Political God to the world

  2. Why protest? why loot? why beating innocent people? why hate? why disorder? why instilling fear in people? why rape? why all these treats? why riot? why so much confusion? Can’t we not talk? what happens to dialogue? why can’t we agree on anything? what happen to self value,integrity, self respect? no more reasoning? Even God himself said to filthy man, COME AND LET US REASON TOGETHER. Hello law breakers, produce your cause, bring forth your strong reasons, let’s examine them. Please put Guyana first,leave self behind/out, lead with your life, lead by example. Do that and many will follow.


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