GPHC against relatives supplying admitted patients with meals


GPHC[] – The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) is requesting that persons desist from bringing meals for their relatives/friends who are admitted to the institution, specifically diabetic patients.

In a media release, the hospital stated that it provides well-balanced diets to patients which are planned and prepared by dieticians who are onboard at the hospital.

It also advised that relatives/friends who wish to bring meals for patients should first seek the advice of doctors and nurses.

GPHC also advises persons not to bring aerated beverages to patients. However, coconut water and water are permitted.


  1. greed and arrogrance, combined with unchecked brazen authority produce unimangiable immorality where blatant vulgarity don’t seems wrong anymore! Where on earth would such confirmed exposure attract doubts and questions of wether he should or should not resign ? Here in lies our attempt to nurture the wanton and unspeakable wrong and evil that are passed on to our youths as “good ” example .Throw no dice….Let him take the greatest steps in his life and walk towards” Redemption”or ” Sanction”.

  2. I so have mix feelings about this. First of all i am wondering if the hospital committee have foresight. I would have thought that you would have ensure that your house is fixed before you impose such a rule. You are telling me what not to do however, when i visit the hospital the very same thing i should not carrying in you allowed venders to sell in the hospital. Not only in the compound but in the hospital building as well. I wonder at times if the hospital gets a rental from these sales venders. I am a young man that advocates for Human Rights here in Guyana, and Inews plz let me tell you that the hospital has a responsibility to ensure the safety of our health and by allowing these venders who i know for a fact that two out of three don’t have a food handlers certificate is in no position to tell me not to feed my people. Tidy up your house first then speak to me, i may listen.


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