Prisoners escape from police custody whilst being admitted to Lusignan Prison

The entrance to the Lusignan Prison

Two prisoners have managed to escape from police custody, reportedly moments before they were admitted to the Lusignan Prison, East Coast of Demerara (ECD).

According to information reaching this publication, the prisoners were being transported from a court to the Lusignan jailhouse.

Upon arrival outside of the prison’s compound at around 15:15hrs, the officers opened the vehicle’s door to escort the prisoners into the penitentiary, when they made good their escape.

Details surrounding exactly how they managed to escape remain unknown at this time.

Public Relations Officer at the Guyana Prison Service Rajiv Bisnauth has since explained that information on the escape has to come from the Guyana Police Force, since it was their ranks who were in charge of the prisoners at the time.

This is a developing story and INews will provide more details as it becomes available.