AG calls on M&CC to discharge its statutory mandate to keep Georgetown clean


Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall is calling on the Mayor and City Council to discharge its statutory mandate as it pertains to keeping the city clean.

The AG made this call on Saturday during the National Clean-up Campaign when he was at the Kingston Seawall participating in the exercise.

“I want to take this opportunity to point out that the Mayor and City Council at the end of the day, the statutory body with the responsibility and duty to clean the city and they have been abysmally negligent in the discharge of those duties and obligations,” the minister stated.

With the M&CC receiving monies in terms of rates, taxes, and subventions, Minister Nandlall charged the body to take up its rightful responsibility of keeping the country’s city clean.

He said due to the M&CC’s failure, the government periodically had to team with agencies and private entities to perform a duty that already belonged to someone else.

Additionally, as a result of neglect various parts of the city have been turned into settlements by vagrants.

“On the other end of this seawall going to Vlissengen Road you have a horrible state of affairs where you have virtually a squatters settlement constructed, those persons will have to be removed. We cannot continue in this way,” Minister Nandlall stressed.

The AG noted that Guyana is vastly transforming into a tourism destination and as such more emphasis will have to be placed on the country’s surroundings and the unethical behaviour of the citizens.

“The intent is to create this entire segment of the seawall as a grand tourist attraction. A tourist attraction that will not only promote tourism but bring economic and financial and social benefits for all the people of Guyana,” the Attorney General posited. [DPI]