Prime Minister urges more Guyanese to join army

Guyana Defence Officers on the army’s 50th anniversary route march.
Guyana Defence Officers on the army’s 50th anniversary route march.
Guyana Defence Officers on the army’s 50th anniversary route march.

[] – Guyana needs every able- bodied person to defend its national security, and this light, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is urging more Guyanese to join the military.

Speaking with the media, at the Guyana Defence Force’s (GDF’s) 50th Anniversary Route March and Medal Ceremony on November 14, at the Square of the Revolution, the PM said that the Force’s 50th anniversary is a good occasion to project to the world at large, that there are Guyanese who love their country dearly, and are prepared to stand up and to join the ranks of the security and armed forces, in defence of its national security, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“Guyana needs you, Guyana at this time wants every able-bodied person to come forward to serve,” the Prime Minister urged.

“The door today is wide open, our country is facing a threat, a challenge from a greedy hungry neighbour, and it is in fact an honour to be enlisted at this time,both as part of the regular ranks or in reserve,” he noted.

Also speaking with the media was Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who said young people need to see service in the army as an honour. Minister Harmon said that, “there is no greater honour in life for a man than to put his life on line for his country.”

He noted that this is what the GDF soldiers do every day. “They defend the territorial integrity of the state, they assist the civil powers in the maintenance of law and order,   and these are honourable duties and responsibilities, which the GDF has contributed to, over the years, they have done very well,” he said.

Minister Harmon said that he is proud to have served in the army, and urged every Guyanese to join. [Extracted and modified from Ministry of the Presidency]



  1. Yes Moses do you have family members in the army? stop your facade and take care of the people you promised when you get in government of course through the wrong way. you are nothing but an unhappy soul.

  2. Ask your president if he want Afro- Guyanese or East Indian to join army. Stop dreaming about war with neighbors. Let us build a peaceful nation.


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