Minister Harmon donates salary increase to install street lights

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon handing over the cheque to Mr. Bowman, resident of Crane Housing Scheme.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon handing over the cheque to Mr. Bowman, resident of Crane Housing Scheme.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon handing over the cheque to Mr. Bowman, resident of Crane Housing Scheme.

[] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, has donated his salary increase in aid of street lights, for several villages across the country.

Speaking at the People’s National Congress Reform‘s Regional Conference at the Vreed – en – Hoop Secondary School, Minister Harmon noted that he had been approached by the residents of Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, for street lights to be installed in preparation for Village day 2015.

According to a release from the Ministry of the President, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) did not have a budgetary allocation for the installation of Street lights.

“I took my salary for the month of June and I gave it to the people of Pouderoyen to run their lights,” Minister Harmon said.

The release further noted that soon after, he was approached by residents of Crane Housing Scheme, who were facing a similar problem.

“I promised them that I would do something for them and so today I donate to the people of Crane, the value of the salary increase I received for this month,” he said.

This was followed by the Minister handing over a cheque for the sum of two hundred, seventeen thousand dollars ($217,000) to Mr. Bowman, a resident of the Crane Housing Scheme, for the installation of street lights, which will be placed from the highway, into the Housing Scheme.

The government noted that Minister Harmon has promised to donate his November increase to the community of Angoys Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice and the December salary increase will be given to a community on the Essequibo Coast.

He encouraged those present to become their brother’s keeper and to assist the government in the pursuit of its goal of national unity.




  1. It’s a shame that his reason for doing it is not moralistic, but intended to make the current Admin look bad. The wrong you and the PPP have done, cannot be remedied by a few road lights.

  2. Sandra, you are sad because you cannot defend the discrimination practised by this administration against the residents of Bath Settlement. You Sandra, have a biased, extremely biased mind.
    Fact: APNU/AFC administration said they inherited an empty treasury and bankrupt economy
    Fact: APNU/AFC awarded themselves huge salary increases and gave the public service workers a mere 5% . Where did the money come from?
    Harmon declared he had no apologies to make. Some ministers tried to justify the astronomical salary increase. They are a bunch of leach, sucking the treasury dry and up to date, have announced no revenue generating plans for the country. They are dreaming of the oil that’s why Granger went to Saudi Arabia

  3. Harmon is trying to repent his bad deeds.He is showing people that he cares and to get public support.If he don’t need all that Salaries why in the first place he took it.He is not sweating for it like the Cane Cutters and Bauxite Workers.It’s all free money.He should disclose the sum and let the people knows how much of Tax Payers money passes thru his hands.Hope he will file his Income Tax Returns next year .

  4. You are right, I am not forced to understand your views, neither are you forced to understand mine. But all I see from some of you is negativity ALL THE TIME. You can go to other parts of the world and have a similar situation and people would be grateful, but there is just the sickness of EVERYTHING BEING NEGATIVE, when it comes to Guyana. That is the reason we will continue to struggle to get anywhere.

  5. You know what is sad about Sly and West Dem, you have such small minds that you will never ever see anything as good. The reason, you will never give as he has given. People see things according to the way they are and selfishness breeds selfishness. Give back and you will always have in your life. You two are really SAD.

  6. Most clean shoe has some type of stink sock inside it’s a little shame they are taking out 217,000 for one month so if you x that by 5 years is 13020000 for one person x23 is $299460000 that’s a lot this can do a lot for us as one people guyanese

  7. Oh lord….it is his guilty mind that is playing out here. This Defacto Administration should have done this to began with. Instead of this 50% salary increase for Ministers consideration should have been givin to the needs of the people. While under pressure Harmon decides to donate his Salary increase to a selective few. Will he continue to donate his salary for the next 4 years?????. Do the right thing and reverse these increases.

  8. Well done Minister Harmon. The size of your increase in salary tells the story of how far the APNU/AFC administration would go to bleed the treasury, never mind they boastfully declared that they inherited an empty treasury.
    Further Minister Harmon, would you kindly say who would be paying for the electricity consumed once installed and activated? Would the light fittings be removed should the GPL receive no payment for electricity consumed like what this administration did at Bath Settlement?


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