President tells Orealla, Siparuta residents new jobs coming

President Ramotar during his visit to the Amerindian Villages on the Corentyne River.
President Ramotar during his visit to the Amerindian Villages on the Corentyne River.
President Ramotar during his visit to the Amerindian Villages on the Corentyne River.

[] – Incumbent Head of State, Donald Ramotar told residents of Orealla and Siparuta that the Government has been aggressively pursuing a people-centred development course which will result in new job opportunities for them and other Guyanese.

 The President on Monday, April 13, visited the two riverain Amerindian communities along the Corentyne River, Region Six, which has a combined population of about 1800.

 He told the residents of the Administration’s pursuit of plans to build a deep water harbour in the Berbice River and a highway from Linden to Lethem to link Brazil, “so that Brazil and South America can do international trade through Guyana.”

 The Government he said is also working with the Surinamese to bridge the Corentyne River, adding that “these are projects that will transform our country, transform the lives of our people, and that is why we are preparing our people through education… we want our people prepared and ready”.

 Ramotar said the Government is expending large sums to ensure the country’s human resources are highly qualified and skilled to take advantage of the opportunities that will be presented.

 He said these will directly impact the prospects available to residents in Orealla and Siparuta by opening up new avenues for business from which they can capitalise. “That will create new kinds of jobs, plenty of jobs and even the road itself -you have to have mechanic shops, tyre shops, vulcanizing shops, hotels, restaurants all of which can generate lots of jobs for people. Those are the things that the opposition want to cut from the budget.”

 The President said the global trends have shown that countries that focus extensively on the development of its human resources have progressed rapidly, and that is the direction Guyana is heading with the hope of having a highly skilled workforce that will attract more investments.





  1. It’s a good thing that the PPP has been delivering on their promises. PPP has brought Guyana from darkness to light. PPP cup always full with healthy soup.
    PEOPLE. Don’t vote traditions, don’t vote race. vote Modernization. Vote for continuous growth and development. Vote PPP! Let your conscience vote.

  2. It took 22 years and election season to tell them, well they were waiting so I guess the are fed up.

  3. “Politics 101, Promise the World when Campaigning” Intelligent people have Phd’s in this subject. For they understand the premise of this subject, is, as soon as the “promisor” is elected, the promises will be thrown out, until the next time. SMH


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