Persons with unacceptable behaviour will be “thrown out” – APNU/AFC promises Code of Service

David Granger and Cathy Hughes at the forum.

By Jomo Paul

David Granger and Cathy Hughes at the forum.
David Granger and Cathy Hughes at the forum.

[] – A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) says that if it forms a the new government post May 11; it will not be tolerating any wrongdoings within the government realm and anyone who is found to be culpable of any illegality will be “thrown out.”

The sentiment was expressed by AFC Executive Kathy Hughes on Monday April 13.

Hughes was at the time responding to questions posed by youth and women faction of civil society at a Guyana Women’s Roundtable (GWR) and Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) coordinated forum held at the Theatre Guild.

“If we have deviations from the norm…normal acceptable behaviour and if we have criminal activity in terms of sexual liaisons or anything of that nature…we would throw the person out,” Hughes said in response to a question from a member of the audience.

She made it clear that “there is no way that we would be keeping on board anybody that displays unacceptable behaviour.”

 The APNU/AFC Presidential Candidate David Granger pointed out that the “APNU did promulgate two codes of service; one for the RDC and one for the National Assembly and after the 11 of may we will have one for member of the cabinet as well.”

This Code of Service will hold the members of the National Assembly and Regional Democratic Councils to certain standards that must be adhered to.

During the question and answers Granger also pointed to the reformation of the Public Service with the view of having more qualified and competent persons to foster development in Guyana.

“What we have here is a weakened public service and we will –re -professionalize the public service by appointing people based on merit…and that is a decision that we have taken already…Persons who have been brought it because of who their father is or who their uncle is will not find a place in the Upper echelons of the new public service,” Granger posited.

Hughes explained that “we have to put good people in place because we have to deliver to you. You are not going to give us 20 years to do as we like and not deliver…so we are going to put the best people in place so that they deliver for this country.”



  1. Gal, from na or north you’re very, very IGNORANT about a lot of things. You PNC/AFC has been asking where President Jagdeo get the money from to build his beautiful house. Well, I’ll attempt to help you blind and ignorant destroyers by asking you little questions. How many years did he lead Guyana as PRESIDENT ?
    Do you know what was his monthly take home salary was?
    What was his yearly income?
    Do you know that his salary was all banked?
    Did you know that he was getting pay to serve as Finance Minister ?
    Prior to him being Minister of Finance and President, He was junior Minister of Finance?
    I know you may not be able to calculate that, but for your information our Champion could have built four houses like that with his hard earned money.
    Now you can continue to envy him.

  2. When you finish asking fagdeo how he build his mansion and where he got the money, then ask cathy where her money come from.

  3. When you done throw out the entire PPP/C cabal than look to the other party. Their deeds if any might have been long ago. The PPP/C deeds are happening now. put them in Jail I say.

  4. Cathy Hughes, You claimed to lend six million dollars (6,000,000.00) to the AFC without any documentation or trace of where and how you acquire the cash, and has been lambasting members about it while claiming interest? How corrupt are you woman? You ought to be kicked out of politics! Shame on you? I leave you in the hands of Amna Ally.

  5. clear pnc warning to nagamoottoo and will manufactire wrongdoing for them..once winston and basil in pnc u watch out..they know how its done..plant drugs pon she…watch out…

  6. oh lawd, open season on PNCites.
    Rigged elections.
    Conflict of Interest.
    Ballot box martyrs.

  7. Okay Granger let’s start by throwing out Winston Felix, Basil Williams, Nigel Hughes, Cathy Hughes, Carl Greenidge, etc. just to name a few of your corrupt leaders. Also if you cannot come clean on them AK47 then you too should be thrown out.


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