President says salary increases are meant to “differentiate” levels

President David Granger speaking to reporters

By Jomo Paul

President of Guyana, David Granger
President of Guyana, David Granger

[] – With scathing criticisms coming in from the political opposition and sections of society about considerations being made for salary increases to Presidential Advisors, Ministers and Members of Parliament; President David Granger has provided some clarity on the issue.

He told iNews during a very brief comment on Sunday August 02 that the considerations being made to the salary increases are meant to establish a pay grade.

The President explained that this will “differentiate” between Presidential Advisors, Ministers, Junior Ministers, Members of Parliament, and other persons who will be affected.

The President would not speak further on the issue. iNews had reported that Finance Minister, Winston Jordan confirmed that the salaries may be increased pending the outcome of considerations.

Jordan told iNews on August 01, that the salaries for these officials were “under active consideration;” however the Finance Minister did not state what amount the increases would be since according to him, it is being considered.

But the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in a statement resisted this move by the new government insisting it was nothing more than “meat for the boys and bones,” for Guyana.

“This is same administration which had claimed there is no money in the treasury to continue the School Uniform Voucher Programme and to give public servants a promised 20% pay increase. Moreover, the APNU+AFC, while in opposition, had accused the PPP/Civic government of excessive spending. Clearly, the Granger Administration is more concerned with living extravagant lifestyles and earning big bucks, while the population suffers, it is meat for the boys and bones for the rest of the nation.”



  1. The increase in wages for the Government workers has blissful connotations.
    But how many Know the hidden financial rat-race here in Guyana?
    PEOPLE SEEM INTERESTED IN theactual increase which their neighburs might be having .Why?
    This means financial power.Because money is power!
    The gang lords are probably busy making their plans to increase the cost of living for the poor government workers.
    A privately owned enterprise seem to pose competiton with their government counterparts BY INCREASING THEIR PRICES AND MAINTAIN ECONOMIC POWER.THE asmall man willfeelthe usua’SQUEEZE’.

  2. Two wrongs don’t make one right. I hope you are trying to help expose those criminals also. Don’t just ask others to do it lets hear what you are doing to help catch these criminals. Maybe your tips could help us also.

  3. Why should they even consider it then? The president did not deny this topic came up so its not the media and opposition.

  4. If we are waiting on the budget, then we should be listening to the consultations carried out to build the budget. In this case the consultations were done before the elections. The people were promised a decrease in executive spending and a 20% in public service wages and salary across the board. The finance minister would have confirmed that executive spending would increase and the public servants would not get 20%. Guyanese were fooled!

  5. Please people, stop fretting! This is just the beginning of the grand circus. A mere 10% is just good for the public SERVANTS. Let the MASTERS suck the cane and blow the whistle. This is just a pinch before the first 100 days. Get ready for the hard slap before the 1000 days. Keep your energy for then.

  6. Maharanee, which would you prefer? 1) Well paid minister not augmenting their salary by bribes. Or 2) Underpaid ministers augmenting their salaries through bribes?

    You guys read a line, fed a load of half truths and you decide it is enough to come to a conclusion. As i can see all the government has said so far is “we are reviewing the salaries of minister, MPs and advisors.

    Have you heard any different from the government? Get a grip people and give the government a chance. 23 yrs of rubbish you fail to criticise, after less than three months you can find so much to talk about. it is a miracle!!

  7. Creating a distinctive pay structure and giving a so called 100% increase as some are claiming are two different things. I doubt it very much the government would be stupid to upset the people by doing such a thing. The opposition and its media are spinning again. Don`t get caught up in the spin. Wait on the budget to make a clear viewpiont on the subject.

  8. This Government is taking too long to send the dirty dozen to JAIL, how do you think they should star off like barrat? Loosing all the respected PPP brains,introducing COCAINE bosses like roger Khan,Kem LALL,and having ??? Like Shawn Hinds around, you cockroach,,

  9. Mr. President, you should work to make sure all working Guyanese receive livable wages, not just those in parliament. If you can give yourselves an increase, you better be looking into an increase for others who definitely need it. You cannot repeat the behavior of the former government, that you once vehemently opposed to; that is called being hypocritical.

  10. Andrew you talking like a brainless little child. Should this government start off like this. Please respond.

  11. They have one term so they will grab all they can get,to hell with the voters,no money for the poor schoolchildren to buy uniform but pay hike for these RATS after less than three months in the job,a recession in the works but they busy filling their pockets and then blame the PPP.

  12. The Former PNC Regime members are LOOTING the Guyana Tresuary again.
    Will the current regime ever investigate the Looting of Millions from the Guyana treasury by former PNC Regime members like Minister Hope who stole Millions and now owns a mansion in Conneticut USDA?

  13. Mr President your stuttering on this subject will only lend to the list of 100 day blunders by the coalition. From what the Finance minister said and what you are now saying somebody doing the jumbie dance. It has to be that Gordon doesnt understand english if you are right or you are now trying to bowl over the guyanse ppl by talks. We will soon find out. You are already backtracking on your promises of a lean and clean government. Something must be wrong with Gordon. I hope not.
    This proposed increase if Gordon is right is altogether is wrong wrong wrong

  14. I agree. How can someone on the job three months can be entitled to a supposedly whopping salary increase when the average public servant is stuttering to make ends meet on the pittance they receive for the hard work they do. The bible advises that those who (the elders) serve well are worthy of double honor. These oficials are appointed to serve the people. Defer this increase and take care of the masses Mr. President.

  15. Maharass just got his 1 free lapee top from the leftovers at freedom house, poor fool hiding behind a mouse blogging CRAP,,,23 yrs of bullshit you and many like you were SILENT, so put up or shut up,,,,help exposing the criminals,do something then say something

  16. This is a load of BS Mr President. You know it, I know it and Guyanese people know it. What about the public servants on below sustenance wages or the pensioner on poverty like pension. You guys are full of it.

    How can you even think of this when all they while as opposition you criticized the current opposition.

    As a Biblical person this should be very familiar.


  17. Film I can understand what the president is saying but what i cant understand is why Teachers are not getting their de_bunching which will serve the same purpose as wih the advisors and others mentioned by the Finance .Minister. i am waiting to hear!!

  18. What a stupid response by Granger. He does seem to want meat for the boys and bones for Guyana, living extravagantly while cutting the school uniform voucher. Govt ministers have done nothing to earn a raise and are not entitled to one.

    Guyanese across the board must resist this disrespect. We must scream Nahee, nahee. NO. NO. NO!


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