President reshuffles Cabinet …Minister Broomes and Scott to be transferred

Junior Natural Resources Minister Simona Broomes

President David Granger is expected to announce some key changes in both the structure of his recently formed Government and its Ministerial component.

Inews understands that the Head of State during his presentation this evening will announce the reshuffling of his six-month Cabinet and the addition of a new member.
The Ministers affected are likely to be Simona Broomes and Keith Scott.

After extensive discussions and conflicts within the new coalition Government, President Granger has taken a decision to transfer Broomes to serve as the Minister within the Department of Natural Resources effectively removing her from the current post as Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection.

Broomes will be replaced within the Social Protection Ministry by Scott who has been transferred from the Department of Housing which fell under the Ministry of Communities.
Region Ten Member of Parliament Valarie Patterson will be announced as the new Head of the Department of Housing and Minister within the Ministry of Communities.
Other announcements are also expected to be made.

Minister Keith Scott
Minister Keith Scott
Minister Simona Broomes
Minister Simona Broomes


  1. Holy molie the crab dwaags now wake up and realize what a bunch of jokers they put in power they feeling the squeeze already–All of them on work study program hopefully by the end of the APNU term they will be well trained on on how to use other ppl money.

  2. I totally agree with you on this. Once people are in a position for too long they become lackadaisical and just take everything for granted. Sometimes it is necessary to remove some people not because they are not or under performing but to put them where they are best suited to their skills. Yes, some will have to be retired outright for being deadwood. This is not only for politicians but could be applicable to the public services especially in some ministries and government departments. The NIS is one typical example where you have so many people idling just filing their finger nails, watching the clock. Doubt it? Go in any day at the Brickdam location.

  3. Why can’t these guys get their act together? It’s been a good
    6 months but yet the populace can’t seem to get into the comfort zone with this new coalition government. Yes we should give them time and exercise patience but for how long can we do this? When will they give the economy the
    Boost and create an air of confidence and certainty. Let’s not forget that we are paying for your healthy salaries to PERFORM and we are growing tired of living barely making ends meet, while you parade around in your luxury vehicles and take expensive trips overseas at our cost. We need action and not talks. Let us see and experience the progress you campaigned about. Crime is still not under control, the economy is still in shambles, rice is a dead business, Corruption is still prevalent… Time is not in your court!!!

  4. This is what you get when you put a bunch -incompetence morons to run things,These ppl learn like rats ( trial and error theory)its only six months into the game and they want to add more to the list –this will be the game they cant do the job so they will move them around and add a few more as they go along.

  5. I told my fellow bloggers to expect this in 2016 along with other predictions.

    Look out for shake up within the PPPC rants😆


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