GTUC not happy with the removal of Broomes from Labour portfolio


The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has stated that the removal of Minister Simona Broomes from the Labour portfolio could not have been informed by her high level of performance since she was given responsibilities for that sector.
“This news comes as a shock since the trade union movement and employers who desire to comply with the rule of law never expressed dissatisfaction in the minister’s performance. Neither was the opinion of the trade union community sought as it relates to her performance,” the Union stated in a press release.

lewisThe GTUC said that the minister’s record of achievements within the short time has been one of acclaimed. “Workers and employers committed to the rule of law had a trusted ally in her. The workers of this country have lost someone who was prepared to champion justice. Responsible employers have lost a minister who was prepared to work with them in upholding their responsibility.”
In further expressing its dissatisfaction over the move, which is yet to be formally announced by President David Granger, the Union noted “the nation is witnessing the loud mouthing of concepts like ‘inclusionary democracy’ (Article 13 in the Guyana Constitution) and ‘national unity’ but the question needs to asked how can this be achieved when there is contempt for these principles, instruments and institutions.”



  1. I is Broomes had to go. She may have been assertive/proactive but her undiplomatic, sledge hammer approach would have created serious migraine headache for this Granger administration. In the real world, the world where businesses invest in order to make profits, one must negotiate and not dictate for the benefit of both sides. I is Broomes was too confrontational; there were no proper investigations, there was no room for negotiation. It was either her way or no way. She behaved like a bully wanting to show who is ”BOSS” in all her interactions not only when she became a junior minister but long before. Would she change her approach in her new portfolio?

  2. You are too late with your commendation. ……..the general concensus was that she was scaring away investment. Too slow on the draw.

  3. GTUC not happy with the removal of Broomes from Labour portfolio
    Broom Broom voom voom sit back and throw them a coin and watch them fight to the death.
    They were never elected by the people of Guyana to rule Guyanese.
    They were told by their political masters to marry PNC but they said if they do that they are “dead meat” chickens will come home to roost.
    They never produced that 11% to make PNC win but PNC won through GECOM and A B C countries.
    Leave them to self destruct and they will.
    They cant run their house holds so how can they run country but of yes yes yes they can run country –down into the ditch then declare to massa awe bankrupt it.
    I is Broom and I sweeping !!!!
    I is Brooms a minister in the new Government so I have powers to walk past the long line up at Princess Hotel with my man to get in before all others to see the movie. I is Brooms and I sweeping….

  4. I really think she was doing a great job. Very assertive but knew what she wanted to achieve. Really can’t understand what is happening in that country


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