President Ramotar not worried about apparent Chinese takeover

President Donald Ramotar and Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin

By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar and Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin
President Donald Ramotar and Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Zhang Limin

[] – President Donald Ramotar said his government is not worried with the increasing influx of Chinese who are taking up residency in Guyana and investing in the economy.

‘A Chinese takeover’, as some political rivals call it have expressed fears that more scrutiny should be done in this regard.

But according to President Ramotar, he is personally not concerned. He said his government welcomes Chinese investment just like any other investment being made in the local economy.

“China’s and Chinese investment are important,” the Head of state told a media conference on Saturday, at State house.

Ramotar told reporters that Guyana needs investments, explaining that if one follows the trend around the world, it would be noticed that the Chinese seem to have capital available to drive the world’s economy.

Ramotar posited that the developments being achieved with the help of China have not been done before and questioned therefore why not allow the Chinese to do so if they are willing.

He also sought to discourage the media from painting a bad picture in that regard and falling prey to the popular view that it’s a Chinese takeover from which his administration stands to reap capital benefits.

The Head of State rejected the idea that there was the need for a think-tank group to determine if the projects being funded by China are a good deal.

“If the Chinese want to come and build a ship that is working from Berbice to Georgetown, should I set up a think-tank to look at that?”

He explained that Guyana has very clear guidelines for investments while reiterating that it was a not an issue.

Fear has been gripping the population, prompting widespread criticism that a Chinese ‘takeover’ of the local economy is afoot. 



  1. I am against the Chinese opening a Chinese business association as we may also have Indian,African and Portugese and Amerindian Business Associations.Our approach should be non ethnic to Business Support Organisations.
    The Chinese if they so desire should join existing Business Bodies.

  2. Doesn’t Mr. Ramotar know that when you say “I’m not worried”, it does mean you are? I really am not concerned about the government. I do hope the Guyanese people do not allow the new immigrants to take more away from their culture and livelihood.


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