President Granger gets massive security detail

President David Granger

By Leroy Smith

President David Granger flocked by supporters shortly after being sworn in. [iNews' Photo]
President David Granger flocked by supporters shortly after being sworn in. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Security team of newly sworn in President, David Granger seems to be taking no chances with their job of protecting the 8th executive president of this country.

The security detail was headed by Former Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Slowe and backed by several former security personnel. Ahead of the swearing in of Granger at Parliament Building on Saturday, the team took up positions at strategic points leading to the venue as they mounted themselves on nearby buildings and along the route that was used by President Granger.

Security was also mounted on the Public Buildings itself as they overlooked the thousands gathered to witness the historic swearing in of the president in “Public space” – a first for Guyana and a move that is being regarded as one that shows a connection with people.Granger

It was also observed that among the security arrangements was the inclusion of security personnel within the large crowd, keeping a close eye out for any potential threat to the president. The rigid security posture was not only confined to the President but also the Prime Minister elect, Moses Nagamootoo.

But despite the heavy security detail being afforded the President and Prime Minister, it is clear that those tasked with securing the two gentlemen will have their work cut out for them as President Granger seems to be a leader who will be attracting large crowds whenever he travels the country.




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