Transition process in high-gear for APNU+AFC Gov’t


APNU AFC[] – The buzz of activities associated with transitioning from one government to another is intensifying. Transition teams from the ‎new APNU+AFC government and the former PPP/C government have been meeting since Friday to effect a smooth and effective handover of assets and information.

Acting Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Joseph Harmon is reportedly the head of the APNU+AFC transition team, while Dr Roger Luncheon is leading the PPP/C team.

Vehicles and other assets assigned to former government ministers and officials are being returned. The Guyana Police Force has also recalled security details assigned to the former office holders.

While specific government ministers have not been named formally by the APNU+AFC government, a number of names are being bandied about as the several parties jostle for key portfolios.



  1. Great going! No time to relax. There are so much to be done. A lot of healing too! Select your teams wisely and they have to work for the people with affection and patience. Congrats to all who will take up responsible positions as they pledge to support David and Moses….foremost is unifying and gaining the confidence of a nation who were betrayed. A bright and prosperous future lies ahead working together.


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