President cops 5% salary increase; Nagamootoo says “we’re not greedy”

President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.

By Jomo Paul

President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.
President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.

[] – Ending weeks of speculation on whether President David Granger received an increase in his salary along with that of Ministers, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo on Wednesday, October 21 confirmed that the President did receive a remuneration boost.

Nagamootoo at a post cabinet media briefing acknowledged that the Government did a bad job in packaging the salary increases offered to officials but maintained that it was necessary.

“We know that this was not going to be a popular decision…but that does not justify why we didn’t go out to the grassroots and bottom houses,” said Nagamootoo.

He stated that while the figures may have been exaggerated in some quarters of the media, he would like to set the record straight on the issue. In this regard he indicated that Junior Ministers still earn less than Permanent Secretaries.

Further, he emphasized that he received a 10% increase, revealing that the President himself got a 5% increase in his salary.

“This is not about greed…it is not a love of money that has motivated these salary increases…we did not walk away with the cookie jar,” he stated.

Nagamootoo was emphatic that a person coming into public office should not expect to earn less because they are now serving the public.

“I don’t believe that those who are saying that we have come into public office with an expectation that we will earn less ought not to seek office. If that is what happens in every sector, no one would want to be a judge because you will tell the lawyer when you become a judge you will get far less than perhaps what you dream of getting as a lawyer,” he argued.

“Seeking elected office anywhere in the world carries a salary. It could be more or it could be less but nowhere in the world do you see someone walk into an office and not expecting to be remunerated because they still have to live,” he added.

Meanwhile, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in a release to the media stated that several Members of Parliament on Tuesday night received by hand, their pay slips from the Parliament Office for the month of October 2015 reflective of their 19% increases.

“The Government, by hastily paying these increases in salaries to themselves, is clearly subverting the role of the National Assembly, violating the Standing Orders and contravening the law. All of this is designed to defeat the PPP/C’s efforts to challenge these unconscionable salary increases in the National Assembly,” the statement noted.

According to the Party, the decision to pay themselves these salary increases was made in similarly clandestine circumstances with no public announcement made at any Cabinet Press Briefings or anywhere else although the decision was made some time ago.

“We are again witnessing similar trickery and deception. But this will not stop us from proceeding with our Motion in the National Assembly and from pursuing every other available avenue to annul and reverse these reprehensible salary increases which we now realize have been paid in violation of the law and Parliamentary norms and practices,” said the PPP.



  1. Nagamotoo you are a greedy money hunger.You still have face to stand up and say you are not greedy?You are a despicable should hide far beyond the clouds.How does it feels when you wake up every morning consciously knowing you are not there by the peoples choice?.Dosn’t it haunt you? Stop lying people are tired of your fake excuses.Guyana is not getting any better as the months go by.Are you blind business are closing economy failing ,many making use of the visas and saying good bye Guyana and all your focus is on raise of pay for you and company?….

  2. This is like stealing from us to pamper your fat selves and telling us you are not greedy. The greediness of this coalition is for the members of the public and civil society to judge.
    These people are no better than, or probably worse than the PPP crooks and thieves. They are barefaced.

  3. So what about the public servant. they are not people, they don’t need to live. where is the GPSU. They neglect the people. Public forget about who you voted for and stand up for what is right. Strike on you own.

  4. Nagamooto’s pre-election quotes: (1)’We are not in it for the money” (2)”We want a good life for all”.
    Reality:(1) He justifies the increases. (2) Caviar and champagne for the top bureaucrats. Crumbs and bones for the workers and pensioners.
    “There are lies, damned lies and statistics”, – Benjamin Disraeli.

  5. we as a nation is not stupid so please stop sell us garbage and tell us it gold ok the country is down falling and you having a pay raise we see who you are stop underestimate the Guyanese public

  6. Sour grapes!!!
    people opposed the hike. You are greedy but since you cant face the public you are playing this drama.
    Your own statement is that well paid ministers will work better. Now you are not getting 50% increase so you will not work hard for the nation.
    You also said that if you are well paid you will not thief…. Now since you are getting 5% hike instead of 50% how will you make the money you are looking for???

  7. Nagamootoo ,you are too wicked, deceitful, barefaced and GREEEEDY. that’s why you’ve been complaining ad nauseum about the fat cats . Who is the fat cat now?


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